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Re: [infoguys-list] New Manual For On Scientific Evidence In the Courtroom

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  • Ricky Gurley
    You can also go to http//rmri.no-ip.org and then select RMRI DMS. Log in as guest, link under log in box. Then in the upper right hand search box type in the
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 29, 2011
      You can also go to http//rmri.no-ip.org and then select RMRI DMS. Log in as guest, link under log in box. Then in the upper right hand search box type in the word "daubert" without quotes, and click search. That will give you a link to download it from my server.

      Rick Gurley

      RMRI, Inc.

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      >Me too - mine froze mid-bar
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      >That free pdf download would be great if I could get it to work!
      >Thanks for the link. I bet it is just overwhelmed.
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      >There is a relatively new manual out about Scientific Evidence in the
      >Courtroom. It should be of good use to anyone that works High Technology
      >Crimes, or any other types of criminal defense or civil cases in which you
      >encounter Scientific Evidence issues in the courtroom. Of particular
      >interest here is that this manual was written for Judges that are having
      >to make
      >decisions based on Scientific Evidence in the Courtroom.
      >Information about the Manual and the link to download it for FREE listed
      >Committee on the Development of the Third Edition of the Reference Manual
      >on Scientific Evidence; Federal Judicial Center; National Research Council
      >"The Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, Third Edition assists judges
      >in managing cases involving complex scientific and technical evidence by
      >describing the basic tenets of key scientific fields from which legal
      >evidence is typically derived and by providing examples of cases in which
      >evidence has been used.
      >First published in 1994 by the Federal Judicial Center, the Reference
      >Manual on Scientific Evidence has been relied upon in the legal and
      >communities and is often cited by various courts and others. Judges faced
      >with disputes over the admissibility of scientific and technical evidence
      >refer to the manual to help them better understand and evaluate the
      >reliability and usefulness of the evidence being proffered. The manual is
      >not intended to tell judges what is good science and what is not. Instead,
      >it serves to help judges identify issues on which experts are likely to
      >differ and to guide the inquiry of the court in seeking an informed
      >of the conflict.
      >The core of the manual consists of a series of chapters (reference guides)
      >on various scientific topics, each authored by an expert in that field.
      >The topics have been chosen by an oversight committee because of their
      >complexity and frequency in litigation. Each chapter is intended to
      >provide a
      >general overview of the topic in lay terms, identifying issues that will
      >useful to judges and others in the legal profession. They are written for
      >non-technical audience and are not intended as exhaustive presentations of
      >the topic. Rather, the chapters seek to provide judges with the basic
      >information in an area of science, to allow them to have an informed
      >with the experts and attorneys."
      >Site To Download The Manual From: __http://bit.ly/pHh1av__
      >(_http://bit.ly/pHh1av_ (http://bit.ly/pHh1av) )
      >Direct Download Site: __http://bit.ly/pukAx9__ (http://bit.ly/pukAx9_)
      >(_http://bit.ly/pukAx9_ (http://bit.ly/pukAx9) )
      >I hope someone here gets some use out of it.
      >Take care.
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