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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    Hi Rob, Since our phone discussion, I thought I d publish thoughts to the list. I have had several cases related to loan funding fraud; they typically work
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      Hi Rob,

      Since our phone discussion, I thought I'd publish thoughts to the list.

      I have had several cases related to loan funding fraud; they typically
      work out to be some sort of advanced fee scheme.

      Basically, Joe Con offers to produce some sort of private placement
      venture capital and then explains to the borrower that the lender requires proof
      of personal funding since nobody lends a million dollars to a dead beat.

      Borrower is required to put up 10-35% to be deposited to an escrow account
      where it cannot be touched but, unbeknownst to borrower, there is no real
      escrow account or bona fide escrow agent.

      At some point, one way or another, your guy is going to be required to
      come "out of pocket" for some reason, but sometimes these things aren't a big
      hit . . . for example, when your guy and Joe Con meet for dinner, who
      pays? I have seen a couple of cases where the loan funding agent didn't do
      anything more than scam for relatively minor expenses.

      You can read about my cases with Ruth Liverpool and Jenifer (one "n")
      Hoffman on my web site under case studies. One is in jail and the other is on
      her way.

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      Naples, FL 34101
      (239) 304-1639 V
      (239) 641-6782 C
      _www.FraudsAndScams.com_ (http://www.FraudsAndScams.com)

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      rroneill@... writes:


      Once again I'm turning to the group for ideas and opinions relative to a
      case. I apologize for the length.

      I have an attorney client that represents a startup company. The founder of
      the company has invented a technologically complicated "wigit." The "wigit"
      is in the prototype stage. The company is raising capital to put the
      "wigit" into production. I have been asked to background potential
      investors. One investor, who was referred to my client by a third party,
      claims to be interested in investing several million dollars. Finder's fees
      are involved. During the course of my initial inquiries several of what I
      would consider to be red flags have been raised. After informing my client
      of the same he replied that this investor just didn't "feel right" to him
      and that is why he brought me in.

      Obviously my client doesn't want to scare off the guy if his money is for
      real so I'm limited on how aggressively I can investigate.

      Now my problem is I just can't see the scam (if there is one). The stock
      transfers and finder's fee payments are only triggered after the money has
      been received.

      Money laundering?? Doesn't seem to fit the criteria. Stealing "wigit" info
      doesn't seem quite right either.

      I'm just looking for the group's thoughts on the matter.

      Thanks for your time and consideration!!

      Rob O'Neill

      Advanced Research Group, Inc.

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