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Re: [infoguys-list] Update for Sue and Others

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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Bob - I agree almost whole heartedly. Having not been sitting during the trial and hearing the evidence, who knows? Yes, it might have come off as an
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 11, 2011
      Bob -

      I agree almost whole heartedly. Having not been sitting during the trial
      and hearing the evidence, who knows?

      Yes, it might have come off as an execution. I say SO WHAT??? The armed
      son of a bitch was shooting at them or so it appears in the videos. I
      cannot imagine any other reason why all 3 employees ducked under or behind
      something simultaneously.

      As I recall the pharmacist had retrieved the gun then suddenly ducked
      behind the counter while the 2 females hid in between the Rx vial shelving. I
      think that's when shots were being fired but I could be very wrong. The
      pharmacist sticks his head out with gun in hand and fires one round at one of
      the two. Hits him in the head if I'm not mistaken. I believe that's what
      the news had reported. He then chased after the other one who ran
      outside. Not finding him, he returned to the store.

      He went behind the counter again and might have retrieved another gun.
      Then he walked over to where the first armed robber was down and fired into
      him. I believe the pharmacist had said that the perp was either rummaging
      in or reaching for his backpack and he was afraid he was grabbing another

      I guess I'm on the side of the pharmacist because he was a pharmacist and
      they put up with an awful lot of crap from thieves.


      In a message dated 7/11/2011 3:48:02 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      rth@... writes:

      Dennis Forrester, wrote the following at or about 7/11/2011 4:46 PM:
      > If the facts are correct in this case, as you guys have described. This
      is a great injustice to not only this store owner, but to every law-abiding
      citizen of California, and the U.S. alike.

      1) I believe this occurred in Oklahoma, not California. (In California,
      I believe that you can lose your citizenship if you don't hand over
      everything to anyone who wants to take it and can wind up in prison if
      you don't assist the evil-doer in relieving your neighbor of HIS

      2) While much has been said about this case, I seem to recall there was
      (although not totally on video) quite a bit of evidence that a fair
      amount of time had elapsed between the first "plugging" of the robber
      and the "finishing touch" administered by the druggist. Since there is
      not a one of us here who was witness to the incident, would it not be
      prudent to a) assume that the jury had more of the facts than any two of
      us might possess, and that, b) if it was a clear cut as has been opined
      here that they, the jury, could have found him not guilty?

      The fact that they didn't suggests to me that we don't have all the
      facts and perhaps, just perhaps, the druggist may have executed an armed

      Thinking back to my experiences in the prosecutor's office, I can recall
      quite vividly something one of the prosecutors for whom I worked said as
      he agonized over whether or not to charge an abused woman in the death
      of her husband who allegedly may have been getting ready to slap her
      silly (or worse) again. That was, "if I was able to convict him (the
      victim) of every single thing the woman alleges he had done to her as
      well as everything she feared he would do that night, there is no way
      that I could even ask for the death penalty which is exactly what she
      gave him."

      Castle Doctrine or not, one has - in most places anyway - a great deal
      of latitude in their response. Under the CLEAR facts of this case (what
      we can see from the video and the other witnesses), had the druggist
      been a better shot or had he emptied a semi-auto into the mope as he
      fell to the floor, we likely would not be having this discussion. That
      "justifiable in defense of life" is a tricky thing and is, by its
      nature, a very fleeting thing with a relatively narrow window.

      I suspect the jury found that the evidence showed that...



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