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More Info on the I Love You Virus - variation

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  • David H. Press
    More information - please be careful today also..... David H. Press dhp@pressinv.com Love Virus May Change Name to Joke -- Experts May 4, 2000 11:59 pm EST
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2000
      More information - please be careful today also.....

      David H. Press

      'Love' Virus May Change Name to 'Joke' -- Experts
      May 4, 2000 11:59 pm EST

      NEW YORK (Reuters) - The "Love Bug" computer virus has given birth to a new
      variant that entices users to open an e-mail with the word "Joke" in the
      subject line that unleashes yet another virus masquerading as a "Very Funny"

      U.S. business software firm Computer Associates International Inc warned on
      Thursday that the ILOVEYOU "worm" might have morphed into another virus in
      an effort to trick computer users into opening it.

      The company said it anticipates even more variants of the virus to pop up
      over the next several days, if not during the next several hours.

      "It's common for variants to appear when dangerous Worms such as 'I Love
      You' attempt to wreak havoc on valuable IT resources," Simon Perry, vice
      president of security solutions at Computer Associates, said in a statement.

      The new variant changes that have been detected by Computer Associated are a
      new subject line with the words "fwd: Joke," in them and an attached file
      called "Very Funny.VBS."

      Experts have warned users not to open any electronic mail file with the
      subject "fwd: Joke" and should immediately delete them. The company also
      encourages computer users to update their antivirus software.

      "CA is encouraging all computer users to protect themselves by being on the
      look out for by downloading the latest signature file for e-mail with the
      subject line and download the latest signature files," Perry said.

      The "Love Bug" wreaked havoc on computer systems worldwide on Thursday,
      shutting down e-mail systems at major companies and penetrating the
      Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency and Britain's parliament.

      It was being called the fastest-moving and most widespread computer virus
      ever, affecting computers around the world at brokerages, food companies,
      media, auto and technology giants as well as universities and even medical
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