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private investigator in Huntsville area, Alabama

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  • Ron
    roughly two years ago, I called a PI to see if he could take a picture of an old therapist that I had a lot of respect for and liked. It was just for comfort
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2011
      roughly two years ago, I called a PI to see if he could take a picture of an old therapist that I had a lot of respect for and liked. It was just for "comfort" to remind me of what he looked like, since I knew I probably would not ever see him again. To remind me of some of the positive things he told me in sessions while in a hospital for a year of psychotherapy. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to go through with it, as I am on disability and was having difficulty even buying food. I initially decided not to go through with it, as I struggled with the psychologist's privacy issues. I had already looked briefly on the internet to see if I could find a picture of him with no luck. Then the PI, who I talked with on the phone at first, persisted with phone calls, and since I felt like I would give him the job in the beginning, I met with him. I met him at a starbucks. He accepted $260.00 cash, which isn't much, but all I could come up with for that month. He told me he forgot his receipt book, so I got no receipt. I explained what the picture was for, just to remember the doctor and what he looked like. I also said I was in great conflict, because although I liked the doctor, he also misdiagnosed me, sexually harassed me, and mocked me often. (But we got to grow a rapport the psychologist and I) . I told the PI that unfortunetely, I was going to also sue the doctor for fabricating notes, lying, and harassing me often. I had a relationship with him that was both positive and negative. He was the head of the psychology department and trained and hired all the mental health workers that treated me very badly, and I didn't quite understand it at the time why. (I recently found more information that gave me the insight as to why). So I also told the PI I was torn on all of this. He said that sort of thing had happened to him before, and he was hired and the client who paid him monthly, which would have been about $250.00 a month. He told me his investigation could help me with the lawsuit by finding out information about the doctor. I called the PI a few times over about 3 months to see what was happening (because by then he was not calling me). He just said it takes time (when I just wanted an update). Then all of a sudden I got text from the PI who said why would I need a picture of the doctor for a lawsuit (which I had explained when we met at starbucks that i just wanted to remember him). I tried to call him a few times and texted him a few times and he said He would get me for harassment if I ever contacted him again. But he would never allow me to talk with him and I didn't understand, he did text me and said he would give me my money back. I told him in a text that I was moving, but he wouldn't take the new address. Then one time, after I texted him to see about what happened and the money, and he left a hostile message on my voicemail. He said he tecnically did the work (although he wouldn't report on what that work was. He said his 3 kids needed the money more (although I then became homeless). He shouted into the voice mail (which I let my new therapist listen to, who suggested going to the better business bueru... the PI said "you son of a bitch" to me over and over again. He accused me of wanting the picture to "fantasize" about this doctor which never entered my mind (how sick!). I was afraid to contact the PI because he threatened harassment, told me if I did he would press harassment charges and I would go to jail. He never gave me my money back. I finally got some of my medical records back from that psychologist who fabricated and lied about things he claimed I did as a child, even though I have never done anything ilegally as a child. I was terribly abused as a child. So now I have written evidence from the psychologist (and they refuse to give me all of my medical records, because while I was there I told them I was going to sue them. I got sicker there. I now have great evidence on my case and the psychologist has a good chance of losing his license along with other staff persons (I have credible documentation even though they refuse to give me all my records). I have an attorney and am told I have a great case (and I am being treated for the past two years for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that began at that hospital, along with high blood pressure and terrible nightmares of the past sexual abuse I have endured.) at the very least I have a great chance of a settlement. I was treated horribly by this PI, who took my money without giving any report saying his 3 kids needed it more. The PI intimidated me, threatened me, and stole my money. I also have now begun writing the book of my exeperience of that hospital. I saw others being emotionally and physically abused and humilitiated.Which is the real reason I want to expose what happened, so others don't have this happen to them. Most can't speak up for themselves. I plan to go to the media after the book is finished and during the complaint against this psychologist's license and then during the actual law suit. Is this the way PI's work? His name is Jeff Means of Soundminds and works in the Huntsville, Alabama area. If my request was inappropriate, he should have said so and not just take my money and threaten me. I don't understand how he can take advantage of a mentally ill person (which does not take away from the credibility of my case). Is this how PI's work? with threats, stealing money with no information, scaring a mentally ill person and intimidating him? Thanks for reading this.... Ron Black
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