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iPhone, Android and online PI / Security Directory

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  • Steven
    PLEASE REPOST AS APPROPRIATE. Dear Colleagues: It is my pleasure to announce the opening for listing submissions of The PallTech Directory , an
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2011

      Dear Colleagues:

      It is my pleasure to announce the opening for listing submissions of
      "The PallTech Directory", an always-available resource that will
      allow a user to immediately locate and contact investigative
      professionals, security and protection service providers, process
      servers, asset locators and bail enforcement agents in nearly every
      jurisdiction in the USA and Canada.

      The PallTech Directory is not another referral service, advertising
      scam, email-harvesting trick or association recruitment. There are no
      strings attached, and it is absolutely 100% free to our professional
      colleagues. Just as with gorillatrace.com there will never be a
      charge for a PallTech Directory listing, and we will never provide
      your information to marketers. What you see is what you get: a free
      marketing, networking and client-getting opportunity.

      The PallTech Directory, which will go live on May 1, 2011, will be
      available for Internet access and also through unique interfaces
      available for download to any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
      or Android Telephone. (For an example of the quality of the iPhone
      app, see: IdentityCheck, which we helped develop.) Surveys show that
      between one-third and one-half of all Internet users now use a mobile
      device for the majority of their Internet access.

      Searching will be possible by Name, Company Name, City and/or State,
      Zip Code and Area Code. Searching can also be further defined by type
      of services provided (i.e. Private Investigator).

      Remember, Pallorium never shares or makes public any subscriber
      information, so you have to let us know that you want to be included
      by submitting your listing. The online submission form is at:

      http://www.palltechdirectory.com/pdsignup.php .

      And, remember to note your association memberships in the space
      provided, as we give listing order priority to members of certain

      The PallTech Directory will be more widely announced on later this
      week, but we are posting to first PallTech subscribers and
      "investigations" and now to this newsgroup and a few select others of
      which we have been long-time members, before the public
      announcements. Listings will be ordered in The PallTech Directory
      database by date of submission - first in, first shown - so I urge
      you to submit your listing now.


      (Steven Rambam.)
      Pallorium, Inc.
      direct email: rambam@...

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