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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    I must be missing something here. Insofar as I am aware, you don t need to re-serve someone an amended complaint. In every area that I have been involved
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      I must be missing something here.

      Insofar as I am aware, you don't need to "re-serve" someone an amended
      complaint. In every area that I have been involved in a case (I suppose some
      states may have a different system) you simply amend the complaint and file
      it, with copies to the parties. The other side was properly noticed as
      evidenced by effective service that the case is underway - that's all service
      is for.

      Now, it would be different if the Complaint was amended to add a new
      party. In that case, you would have to serve them but it would not be a

      As far as the Alias and Pluries Summons, it is my understanding that they
      follow an unsuccessful initial attempt at service. The Alias Summons is
      for effort number two, and all subsequent efforts are by Pluries Summons.

      Maybe I'm just all confused . . . if I'm all wrong in this that must be
      it as it is way too early for me to be drunk, and way too late for me to
      still be drunk from last night.

      ; )


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      Good morning Group: I have an attorney who is not sure how to title the
      paper "summons" he needs to serve, I know...go figure! ;) Anyway the
      attorney had previously had the summons and complaint served; however
      since then, he had to amended the complaint and now needs to have it
      re-served. So what would be the correct title for the "summons" and
      what is the difference between the following titles I list below; I have
      always assumed they were the same but different variations of the same

      1) Alias Summons & Complaint. 2) Amended Summons & Complaint. 3)
      Pluries Summons & Complaint. 4) Second Summons & Complaint.

      Thanks for your input in advanced...and make it a great day!!


      PS This is a Florida paper.

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      immediately, thank you.

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