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Re: [1811] Funny Story - Classic River Belts - Described

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    Hey Steven, and Happy New Year to you too -- how s business? The thing I like most about this particular belt is, it is heavy enough to support a large frame
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2011
      Hey Steven, and Happy New Year to you too -- how's business?

      The thing I like most about this particular belt is, it is heavy enough to
      support a large frame pistol, narrow enough to wear with any pants thru
      the belt loops, and dressy looking enough to wear with anything, anywhere.

      I cannot find a picture of the belt I like (which is why I had to have
      them made), but this is the general design - they look like a belt on a belt.
      The difference is, they were originally made with a much smaller square
      buckle that gives them a much more "dress" belt look than this - I can't see
      wearing one like this with a suit.

      I looked on Jason's web site and he has a page for belts, but no pics
      loaded. I think he's crazy if he doesn't include the ones he has made for me
      in his product line. They aren't cheap, but who needs cheap when you are
      buying something you shouldn't ever need to replace.

      Anyway, I hope biz is good and thanks for all your help with past cases.

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
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      That is a great story (Happy New Year by the way) but you left out one
      thing… pass along the point of contact information or web site for Jason
      Steven Collins
      Black Ice Security Services, Inc.
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      Potomac Falls, VA 20165
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      Black Ice Security is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business
      (SDVOSB) since 1998.

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      I thought you guys might enjoy a funny story about a recent experience I

      Something more than thirty years ago, I bought a belt to use with a
      holster. It was a Don Hume made belt of the style often called a "river belt,"
      favored by the Border Patrol.

      I finally wore it out so I contacted Don Hume Leather in an effort to
      replace it - what do you guys have that has lasted you thirty plus years? They
      don't make that belt anymore, and their replacement didn't appeal to me,
      so I spoke to their customer service people in an effort to find an old
      stock belt that might not be catalogued anymore, or persuade them to make me
      one to the old specs.

      I basically told them that I was trying to replace a belt that had seen me
      through thirty years, dozens of cars, a dozen dogs, a half dozen kids and
      more ex-wives than I preferred to admit . . . just make it for me - I'll
      take them in black and brown and cheerfully pay whatever it costs.

      To say that they were not helpful would be overly generous.

      If I had a company bearing my name, I would be a bit annoyed by this -
      what's the use of making a product so well that a customer would go to extreme
      links to get another one if you aren't going to be responsive to them when
      they come back?

      I be a detective . . . I located and contacted Don Hume at home.

      He is old now, and retired. He explained that he sold his business long
      ago, which would explain my experience - he told me that if he was still
      running things, things would be different. He is one of those old school
      guys you have to like. We chatted about things for about an hour.

      He told me that he would see that I had the belts I wanted. His grandson,
      Jason Winnie, continues with the family tradition. He made the
      connection and Jason made me the belts, one that was absolutely identical to the one
      I sent him, and three more [black/brown/cordovan] that he customized

      Once I received them, I called Don Hume again and told him that I would
      never be doing business with his grandson again - the belts were better than
      perfect but since my one, original belt lasted me more than thirty years,
      at my age, I'll not live to need anymore!

      He thought that was wonderfully amusing. We talked a good bit more about
      the old days, and he invited me to come visit with him - which I intend

      It's Friday, it's time to relax! I just thought you guys might enjoy this
      little segue from whatever it is that you're doing.

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      Naples, FL 34101
      (239) 304-1639 V
      (239) 304-1640 F
      (239) 641-6782 C
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