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Re: Blackberry Tracking

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    Merry Christmas Everyone; I ve been reading the post s and there has been several valid and good advise promoted ... but I would like to start at the beginning
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 21, 2010
      Merry Christmas Everyone;

      I've been reading the post's and there has been several valid and good advise promoted ... but I would like to start at the beginning if I may ...

      1. What types of phones does the wife and daughter has ... I know the husband has a blackberry, according to the post ... but the other phones were not identified ... this goes a long way to determine precisely how we are to approch this situation ... as the Blackberry system and a non-blackberry system have two different communications protocols and they would have to be identified for proper access controls and authentication from one phone system to the Blackberry prior to the Blackberry accepting any communications ...

      2. Can you please describe to me what you mean by "TRACKING CARD" ... that to me is describing hardware, an object, something physical which is attached to the phone ...

      2a. If it is hardware, just detach it ... perform a power off and re-power it back up for the system to recognize the phone and it's elements and they the phone should resume normal communications without the "tracking" capability (because it was removed) ... however, this means someone had to crack open the phone, install the hardware and then put it back together ... there's not a lot of room inside the casing of a cell phone, so the person putting it back together better be very very good at it ... also look on the casing for scratches that you did not put on yourself from normal wear and tear ... most owners know when they dropped the phone or somehow scratched it ...

      3. If not hardware, then it must be software ... I'm a cell fone forensic examiner for Directive 63 out of Fredericksburg Virginia, so I have not seen the subject phones or phyical pieces of gear to review as evidence. However, if there is software attached to your cell phone, then all you need to do to prove this theory or disprove it, is down log the cell phone(s) logs and perform an audit on it. There you will find the history of the phone's activities going back as far as the last purge (if that was performed).

      4. Once you perform your audit examination, if you find a software program that was not delievered on the phone at purchase or that you did not put on yourself or were aware of it, then just delete that program ... then complete a power off of your system, and wait for a minute or so, then power it back on and it will be as it was prior to the contamination of the software ...

      I hope this helps. I'm sorry I can't provide further information at this time without actually seeing the phone or receiving specific questions. If there is anything else I can do please don't hesitate to drop me a line ...

      - - - - - - -

      Thomas A. Baer
      Directive 63, Inc. (D.63)
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "Boerger Investigative Services, LLC" <dean@...> wrote:
      > Dear List Members:
      > I have a client who claims that her estranged husband has placed a tracking
      > card on her and his daughter's cell phone which diverts telephone calls and
      > text messages to his Blackberry. She is claiming that an employee at the
      > Verizon store told her that this type device is only available to federal
      > law enforcement.
      > Is this technology available on the free market? Are there any
      > countermeasures that may be taken? Would this violate any federal
      > wiretapping laws? Any information would be helpful.
      > Thanking everyone in advance for their anticipated responses.
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