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ISPLA Election Updates and News

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  • Peter Psarouthakis
    Investigative and Security Professionals: Last week proved to be a very interesting week politically. The November 2 elections resulted in the greatest change
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2010
      Investigative and Security Professionals:

      Last week proved to be a very interesting week politically. The November 2
      elections resulted in the greatest change of power in the House of
      Representatives in over seven decades, with many new faces elected to
      positions at both the state and national levels.

      What does this mean for the Investigative and Security professions? It is
      too early to tell but, fortunately, ISPLA has been working hard to give our
      representatives the information they need when making decisions that may
      impact our profession. The new members of Congress that come into office
      this coming January are already being identified and contacted by ISPLA so
      that they receive our message from Day One!

      We are pleased that 100 percent of the candidates endorsed by and/or
      receiving PAC contributions from ISPLA were victorious during the November 2
      elections. Some of these candidates running for re-election or seeking a new
      position in Congress included Pete Sessions (R-TX), Tim Walberg (R-MI),
      Hansen Clarke (D-MI) and Barney Frank (D-MA). At the state level, great
      examples were Lee Zeldin (R-NY) for the New York State Senate and Rick Perry
      (R-TX) re-elected as the Texas Governor.

      Additional positive news to report from last week includes the re-election
      of ISPLA Director of Government Affairs, Bruce Hulme, to serve a third
      two-year term as the sole private sector board member representing the
      licensed professional investigator profession on the International
      Association of Security and Investigative Regulators (IASIR) Board of
      Directors. ISPLA applauds those industry representatives present at the
      IASIR conference who voted with confidence in Mr. Hulme's ability to
      continue to represent the investigation profession with honor, integrity and
      professionalism. He beat back an unsuccessful challenge by the new NCISS
      legislative chairman and PI Magazine editor Jimmie Mesis who obtained a
      single vote in an industry caucus, his own.

      At the Associated Licensed Detectives of NYS Biennial Dinner held in New
      York this past Saturday evening, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) was honored
      as ALDONYS Person of the Year. Several bills of concern affecting the
      security industry are presently pending before the House Committee on
      Homeland Security, which will be chaired by Representative King in the 112th
      Congress. State Senator elect Lee Zeldin, son of David Zeldin, was one of
      the speakers at the event attended by 200 investigative and security
      professionals. The dinner was chaired by ISPLA member David Zeldin, father
      of Lee.

      John M. Beck, a past president of ALDONYS, received the association's
      highest honor, the Eugene R. Fink Memorial Award. Mr. Beck, also a member of
      ISPLA, is president of Winfield Security Corporation. Theresa A. Balfe,
      ALDONYS vice president for investigations, received the Investigator of the
      Year Award. The first female recipient of the award, she is expected to
      become the association's president in 2011.

      For further information about ISPLA and how you can become a member please
      go to www.ispla.org/onlineapplication

      ISPLA Executive Committee

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