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Re: [infoguys-list] was the stroke avoidable - RJM.

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    Stop? WTF do you mean, stop? How many hours of your valuable time have you donated to reply to posts (in the interest of the good cause ) that the mod is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2010

      WTF do you mean, "stop?"

      How many hours of your valuable time have you donated to reply to posts
      (in the interest of the "good cause") that the mod is now concerned has been
      a scam?

      Funny, but I don't recall seeing a lot of posts from you. Unless and
      until you have a bunch of time invested, who are you to tell us to stop?


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      So, you're the moderator, demand proof or bounce her out of here.


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      Bill -

      I must admit that I am now at a cross between angered and bewildered.
      Angered because my repeated requests for the answer about the winner have
      not only unanswered but totally ignored. Bewildered because now I would
      also like to know who won the iPod which she offered early last month. If
      my memory serves me correctly, she was going to raffle that after she
      received 300 opinions. Perhaps she hasn't received 300 yet.

      I truly don't remember how many responses to the inquiry there were and I
      also do not know whether there were private responses. What I do know,
      however, is that the question should be answered immediately, if not

      Sincerely yours,
      Sue Sarkis
      Sarkis Detective Agency

      (est. 1976)
      PI 6564
      _www.sarkispi.com_ (__http://www.sarkispi.com/__
      (http://www.sarkispi.com/_) (_http://www.sarkispi.com/_ (http://www.sarkispi.com/) ) )

      1346 Ethel Street
      Glendale, CA 91207-1826

      "one Nation under God" and "in GOD we TRUST"

      If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read it in English,
      thank a military veteran

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      Hey Sue -- I don't think anyone actually responded to that post but me. I
      don't know if she paid that, but I can tell you she didn't pay me.

      That makes you wonder about all this "donation" business doesn't it?


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      Amy -

      John's stroke my pitutti. Who won the $250 for the best analogy that you
      offered. You said the author of the best one would receive $250.

      Who did you pay? How many more times must one ask? Since I didn't submit
      one, obviously I do not have a jealous nor ulterior motive. I just want
      to know who the winner was.


      In a message dated 10/29/2010 5:16:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
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      (mailto:___Jurydoctor@..._ (mailto:__Jurydoctor@...) _
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      (mailto:__Jurydoctor@..._ (mailto:_Jurydoctor@...) _
      (mailto:_Jurydoctor@..._ (mailto:Jurydoctor@...) ) ) ) writes:

      this case involves John's stroke. I need to know what you need to know in
      order to make a decision and what opinions, if any you have about the
      $20 to Smile train for each opinion as always your opinions are extremely
      helpful and I thank you in advance.


      Plaintiff argues that:

      1. The Primary care physician sent John to the ER thinking he was having
      an evolving stroke.
      The nurse and ER doctor made the correct differential diagnosis of CVA/TIA
      but failed to do the tests necessary to rule out evolving stroke or call
      in a neurologist to consult;

      2. The radiologist should have called the ER doctor to report the
      significant changes in John's brain seen on CT, even though there was no
      (immediate) damage seen;

      3. The hospital is responsible for radiology and ER, plus it had
      complaints from the doctors about the communication between ER and
      radiology and
      failed to take steps to improve the procedures; and,

      4. The proper stroke protocols of putting John on blood thinners and
      providing the interventions to keep his carotid arteries open for blood
      would have prevented the complete blockage that happened several days
      Evolving carotid stenosis is among the most readily treatable causes of
      stroke. Timely treatment allows these patients to avoid disaster and live
      and healthy lives.

      The defense argues that:

      1. John was told to follow up with his doctor in three days and did not do
      so (Jane said she signed John out and did not recall this instruction in
      the discharge papers; rather, she thought that if John got better, then it
      was likely the Valium reaction, as the ER doctor told her). John did get
      better. If John followed up with his doctor, he might not have had a major
      But then John acutally experienced a major stroke event and was rushed
      back to the hospital. (Several days later)

      2. John's problem was unavoidable, this is 20/20 hindsight

      3. Jake's underlying hardening of the arteries has continued to progress
      and that is what has made him unable to function; and,

      4. The doctors are independent contractors and if mistakes were made it
      was by the doctors for which the hospital is not responsible.

      John and Jane have since divorced. John moved in across the street with a
      woman who has orthopedic disabilities. Jane continues to feel for John and
      loves him.

      John worked for a company doing computer aided drafting. His last project
      was "Titan". John designed the containers that would be outfitted by the
      military and utilized to transport mobile command and control centers for
      in our war efforts in the middle-east. Jake was an artist and avid
      musician. He had a music studio in his house. He loved to work on old cars
      ride one of his two Harley Davidson motorcycles. His loss of cognition and
      motor controls have rendered him incapable to work or enjoy his hobbies.

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