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Approximately 1,750 Judgments To Be Sold And Assigned

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  • Martin Miller
    Hello, I purchased all judgments, on a future-pay basis, ever awarded to an AZ-based corporation. They number approximately 1,750, and will be sold and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2010

      I purchased all judgments, on a future-pay basis, ever awarded to an AZ-based corporation.

      They number approximately 1,750, and will be sold and assigned.

      No judgment has been vetted for bankruptcy, death, corporate dissolution or, for that matter, any factor that would cause it to be unrecoverable.

      It will be incumbent upon interested parties to determine which judgments are recoverable as part of due diligence and be responsible for same.

      There are no landlord-tenant judgments or the usual "deadbeat" type.

      Judgments were awarded against businesses whose owners/principals wanted to grow them, and were obliged to co-sign the loan, which was not repaid. The debt is therefore business-related, not consumer (personal).

      A disproportionate number of co-signers were degreed professionals, such as doctors, chiropractors, other medical specialists, pharmacists, etc. Such individuals usually have more assets than the average person.

      In the vast majority of cases, the original judgment creditor never made any attempt to recover a judgment; therefore, most judgments have between 5 and 18 years of post-judgment interest.

      The judgments span 40 states, including AK and HI.

      I have 4 Excel spreadsheets plus additional information. If you wish to receive them, e-mail me at JudgmentEnforcer(AT)Gmail(DOT)com with your *full* professional signature, including website address, if any. Please include your e-mail address within the body of your message, in addition to what is in the From: field by default. Do not send mail to A123456789A(AT)Gmail(DOT)com, though this post was sent from that address.

      I will be posting to other groups/forums/networks/listserves; for tracking purposes, ensure that you specify where you saw this post.

      Telephone calls will not be answered nor returned if a message is left. I answer questions and negotiate by e-mail only so that all parties have identical records for reference purposes.

      Though it is my personal policy to reply to e-mail within hours, if not minutes, there have been delays in the past of up to 4 days due to the volume of e-mail received.

      For security reasons, avoid sending attachments at this time, as well as JPGs/GIFs that contain your signature.

      Also, please do *not* include *any part* of this post in your e-mail. Yahoo posts, when contained in a personal e-mail addressed to me, are filtered by my web-based Google account as spam. I will not receive it, and therefore you will not receive a response.

      I look forward to receiving your e-mail, subject to the above, and doing business with you.


      Martin Miller

      Doing Business Under My Own Name

      Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5Z8
      Buffalo, New York 14222

      U.S. Telephone
      206-202-4132 (No Calls, Please!)

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