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RE: [infoguys-list] Skipsmasher: Cell phone ping/triangulation

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  • CW Sellers
    Hey Info Guys & Colleagues, Just to set the record straight on this topic, I have had conversations with Robert Scott of Skip Smashers and he fully explained
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 4, 2010
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      Hey Info Guys & Colleagues,

      Just to set the record straight on this topic, I have had conversations with
      Robert Scott of "Skip Smashers" and he fully explained their process. Let
      me say that Robert is a straight up guy and never distorts how he get his
      info. When I asked he explained fully how "Skip Smasher" does the process
      they call a "Cell Ping", Robert explained;

      "Skip Smasher's "legal Cell Ping" works (texts and traplines). I also shared
      with you my belief that anyone selling real cell pings is a scam.

      When asking Robert all the questions he was straight up and explained;

      Skip Smasher never EVER says its uses gps or triangulation and anyone who
      wants to know how it works can easily find out by contacting us, or doing a
      little online research.

      In my POST and responses I in no way was calling attention to Robert Scott
      or "Skip Smashers", Robert was straight up with me and I know for a fact
      from others that "Skip Smashers" helps to locate thousands of "skips".
      After my conversations with Robert I went after the CLAIM TO FAME'ERS in the
      internet and researched the term "Cellular Ping" and found that what most
      (US) think is not happening, Robert was right on.

      In my responses I was speaking of the GUY, who knows a GUY, who knows a GUY
      who does "Cell Pings" and he will do them for you for $60 -$80 bucks..
      RIGHT! All I was doing is opening the door to a dialog to get all of us to
      do our job when acquiring information, ASK THE QUESTIONS so we and our
      client don't get scalped.

      C. W. Sellers
      Owner/Manager of Investigations

      The Sellers Investigative Group

      "Truth Revealed by Professionals"


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      Subject: RE: [infoguys-list] Skipsmasher: Cell phone ping/triangulation
      Importance: High

      My Esteemed Colleagues,

      I just wanted to thank those that have already responded. This information
      was needed and important. Everyone's experiences seem to be quite similar
      and I will continue to weigh the pros & cons of this service. Personal
      thanks to both Ms. Sarkis for the alternate referral and to Mr. "Under the
      Radar" Sellers for being Under the Radar. LOL ;^D

      "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"

      Claude D. Ammons - QM

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      Cc: Mike Ferrari
      Subject: [infoguys-list] Skipsmasher: Cell phone ping/triangulation

      My Esteemed Colleagues,

      I am interested in hearing the pros & cons to the Cell phone ping service
      offered my Skipsmasher. If you currently subscribe to the Skipshasher
      database and have used their cell ping service, please contact me as soon as

      Thanks in advance...

      Best regards,

      Claude Ammons
      Corinthian Group
      CA PI # 23070
      909 3765609

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