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RIP Maywood Police Dept. - 10-7

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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    I used to like Maywood !! That was a long time ago. _________________________________ This transmission is the last 4 minutes of the Maywood Police
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2010
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      I used to like Maywood !! That was a long time ago.

      This transmission is the last 4 minutes of the Maywood Police Department.

      Maywood is a suburb of Los Angeles and was at one time a "Leave it to
      Beaver" community. Over the years, the original citizens moved away and it
      became a 98% Mexican (predominately illegal) community of renters. The taxes
      of the properties were still being assessed at the rates of the owners from
      the 1940s. The population exploded from one family per household to as
      many as 5 families per household. 5 times the population put a huge strain
      on the infrastructures of police, fire, paramedics and schools without taxes
      to support it. All but one of the city officials were Mexican, just one
      generation from the border, and sympathetic to the "poor immigrants." They
      refused to pass laws overseeing the percentage of homes rented or number of
      person allowed in one home. The city went bankrupt and fired all of its
      employees. Now, the County of Los Angeles is compelled by law to provide
      those services. The citizens of other communities in Los Angeles County are
      now footing the bill for police, fire, and schools, sewage, water, parks,
      street repair. The county is already stretched to its limits because Maywood
      is one of at least a dozen other suburbs whose infrastructure is crumbling
      because of the same issues. The Maywood employees lost their jobs,
      benefits, and retirements.

      You'll here the radio code "10-7" That is the code when a patrol unit
      goes out of service. You'll hear the calls signs of "Lincoln" and "Charlie."
      Those are codes for Lieutenants and Captains. The dispatcher is a Los
      Angeles County Sheriff dispatcher who read the history of the Maywood police

      In essence the back was broken. American citizens lost good jobs that
      every American citizen dreams of. Supporters of immigration say that
      immigrants only take away jobs that Americans don't want to do. Really? Listen to
      the voices of the officers signing off for the last time. These employees
      were not tomato pickers.

      Do you think it could happen to your community? You bet your butt!

      Be sure to vote this November.


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