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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    To me the independent eye witness is the most important information in the case. The eye witness agrees with the plaintiff s expert. I wonder why the defendent
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
      To me the independent eye witness is the most important information in the case. The eye witness agrees with the plaintiff's expert.
      I wonder why the defendent could not see the motorcycle.. How was the lighting.
      I would award the plaintiff all his medicals and $500,000 for pain and suffering etc.

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      Date: Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:02 pm ((PDT))

      As always your opinions are valued on this case. $10 will be donated to
      lzheimer's Association for your opinion.


      n May 24, 2004, the plaintiff Arnie was riding his motorcycle ( a crotch
      ocket) for a “night ride” with another man. The other man was riding ahead of
      rnie. The defendant, Harold, saw the first motorcycle go by but did not see
      rnie, The defendant was making a right hand turn out of the parking lot when
      e was rear ended by Arnie. Plaintiff claims he was cut off by Harold.

      The defense expert will testify that the two were drag racing. The expert
      laims the plaintiff was going between 55-63 MPH and states that if Arnie was
      oing the speed limit, he could have avoided rear ending Harold,

      laintiff states he was not drag racing, because if he was, he would have been
      head of the other motocycle which was not a crotch rocket.

      The plaintiff says he was going the speed limit (45 mph) and the plaintiff’s
      ccident reconstruction expert agrees with him.
      There is an independent eye-witness in NY who will testify that the plaintiff
      as going 45 MPH and the defendant was going significantly faster then 45 MPH.

      The man riding with Arnie has not been found. He was only known as “RicK”
      which might be suspect, since he also helped Arnie’s father take pictures at
      he scene a few days after the accident).

      rnie has a serious leg injury which is still infected (osteomyelitis) and may
      esult in either a knee fusion or amputation above the knee. He has rods and
      crews in his shin right below the knee, he can not run. Most of his previos
      urgeries involved cleaning out the infection/wound.

      ere are my questions:
      ho is at fault?


      Is past medical expenses are around 450K
      uture medical expenses depend on whether he has an amputation but hover around
      e is not suing for lost wages.

      e is entitled to $ for pain and suffering, disfigurement, impairment, loss of
      apacity for thhe enjoyment of life.

      ow much would you award Arnie? $___________

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