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    That was an interesting post. Bill E. Branscum, Investigator Oracle International Naples, FL 34101 (239) 304-1639 V (239) 304-1640 F (239) 641-6782 C
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      That was an interesting post.

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      Naples, FL 34101
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      (239) 304-1640 F
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      Doug@... writes:

      Seasoned investigators know that, to maximize recording times, video and
      audio recording devices use slow recording speeds and sophisticated
      compression. This increases recording times by a factor of ten, always at the cost
      of removing significant details. That is why playback mode is never as good
      as live view. Most of this lost detail can be recovered by reversing the
      compression methods used. This is the process of video and audio enhancement.

      Twenty years ago, enhancing an audio file required expensive hardware, and
      video enhancement was nearly non-existent. Today, technology allows the
      skilled technician to perform the entire process digitally using specialized

      Advances in enhancement technology allow any video or audio file to become
      high-res. For example, a 96-hour time-lapse VHS tape can be digitized,
      then the sequenced or multiplexed video isolated, interference and artifacts
      removed, viewability dramatically improved and, most importantly, the
      resolution significantly increased.

      Audio recordings can just as easily be enhanced to remove unwanted noise
      and music, even when those sounds are louder than the desired voices. In the
      right hands, the a complete enhancement takes just a few hours and the
      results are stunning. What was once science fiction is now very real, although
      it is still exaggerated on television.

      As with any service, quality and price will vary greatly. The easiest way
      to narrow your search is to choose companies that are confident about their
      work, and thus provides a free evaluation. This is the only way you can
      know what to expect before you purchase anything.

      Pricing varies and has nothing to do with receiving quality results, and
      everything to do with supporting the life styles of the company's
      leadership. Today, the required enhancement software and hardware costs are under
      $50,000. While clients paid thousands of dollars per enhancement ten years
      ago, today a complete enhancement service (including extracted stills) sells
      for about $300. Reselling these services can be a very lucrative income

      How does enhancement occur? At its core, the process involves assigning
      confidence levels to every dot of every image based on its existence and
      placement in the adjacent video frames. The images are then layered to allow
      greater detail to become visible. The end result will hold up in court
      because nothing is synthesized and the results can be replicated.

      If you have never used an enhancement service, you are in for a pleasant
      surprise. Improving resolution means being able to positively identify
      people and their actions. License plates become readable and hidden details come
      into plain view. There are examples at www.ForensicProtectIf you

      What have been your experiences with enhancement services?

      Doug Carner, CPP/CHS 818-375-1700
      American College of Forensic Examiners, Board Certified
      www.ForensicProtectwww.ForensicProtect<WBR>ion.com - The eviden

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