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Re: [FAPILIST] A month in the UAE -- The Massage

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    Hi Al, If Jimmie will print it, wait til you read the part about the massage. While staying as a VIP guest of the Sheikh in his hotel, something went wrong
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2010
      Hi Al,

      If Jimmie will print it, wait til you read the part about the "massage."

      While staying as a VIP guest of the Sheikh in his hotel, something went
      wrong with my left leg. My thigh turned red, got hot, swelled so much I
      could hardly get it in my pants leg, and hurt so bad it was a real bit%^ to
      walk. I have no idea what caused that - maybe one of those toxic darts they
      shoot out of umbrellas!

      When it got so bad I couldn't get around, Peter Zander, the Sheik's
      representative, sent over "Queen Ria," a little Thai Boxer from the Philippines
      that they have on staff. I had met her before. When they told me she was a
      Thai Boxer, I quipped something about her "beating me up" to which she
      responded "I don't hit the helpless."

      That struck me as hysterical, especially the completely inscrutable look
      on her face when she said it. In retrospect, I note that she did not say,
      "I don't hurt the helpless."

      Queen Ria, and a chaperone (who took the picture) showed up at my room at
      midnight offering me a "massage." You have to know how Sharjah is - for an
      unmarried couple to get caught alone in a hotel room would be most
      definitely not cool. Things being things, and being the cynical, suspicious
      skeptic that I am, I had my own thoughts about this massage offer.

      The Sheikh and his people had expressed significant interest in the fact
      that my wife is Pentecostal - a very conservative Christian segment that
      does not believe in wearing makeup, jewelry, pants, etc. I pictured this
      "gesture" as an effort to test my faith a bit - I had, after all, been away
      from home three weeks, and Queen Ria is quite cute.

      Therefore, in an effort to get this started off on the right foot, or left
      leg as it were, I asked the chaperone to take this picture "for my wife."
      Guys with bad thoughts on the brain don't generally talk much about the

      I should have got a close up of Queen Ria's hands. They are pretty
      scarred up from beating on palm trees. Once this pic was taken, she jumped right
      in on my leg - immediately sinking titanium talons right down to the bone.
      I can tell you with some authority that there is nothing particularly
      erotic about having the simultaneous urge to scream and puke!

      "I will not let her make me cry, I will not let her make me cry, I will
      not . . ."

      It's a curious thing about torture - the better they are at it, the slower
      time flies. This adorable little star pupil of the International Bring
      the Pain Institute made the clock on my wall stand stock still. When she
      finally gave up trying to kill me with her bare hands, I didn't even make an
      effort to see them to the door.

      Lying on sweat soaked sheets, I either went immediately to sleep or passed
      out - I am not clear which. My last clear thought had something to do
      with amputation . . . in the morning, one leg looked just like the other, and
      I could have jumped rope pain free.

      Go figure.

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      Naples, FL 34101
      (239) 304-1639 V
      (239) 304-1640 F
      (239) 641-6782 C
      _www.FraudsAndScams.com_ (http://www.FraudsAndScams.com)


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      AlFarrPI@... writes:

      Bill .... 'Sure does sound like an adventurous assignment that bore some
      fruit. Congratulations on completing it and returning with your hide
      intact. I look forward to reading the article.
      Al Farr

      A. L. Farr & Associates
      Legal Investigators
      2442 NW Market St. #238
      Seattle, Wa 98107

      Phone: 206-361-1498

      Web: www.Find-em.com
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      Member: Florida Assn. of Private Investigators
      Member: USAPI
      Past Pres., Pacific NW Assn. of Investigators, Seattle

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      Subject: [FAPILIST] A month in the UAE -- I'm home; I can do that HD Carrie

      Hi Carrie, and everyone.

      I am home. If you didn't get the hard drive imaged, let me know.

      That was surely the most interesting case assignment of my career, and it
      was a fascinating learning experience on many levels.

      For example, Yours Truly has always had a tendency to consider himself
      sufficiently bullet proof to dash off and tilt windmills, pretty much anywhere
      someone wanted to send me, but after my experience in the UAE with that
      bunch of wicked Syrians, there is a huge fraud case going on in Russia that I
      wouldn't touch now with a ten foot pole.

      Just in case I didn't mention it in previous emails, you can completely
      jack up amateur hour surveillance by taking taxis to places like McDonalds,
      paying them to wait ten minutes before leaving, and then walking thru to the
      other door and catching another cab. Malls make things fun for those
      clowns who would try to follow you too.

      As well as all that works, the single best thing you can do anywhere you
      find yourself is have someone (like the Concierge at your hotel) find
      someone who can write in the language spoken by the local cabbies, "Make Sure We
      Are Not Followed" on a fold over piece card stock and keep that in your

      No matter how good you may be at surveillance and counter surveillance
      techniques, I promise you that you will not follow a local cab driver who
      seriously doesn't intend to allow it. Some of the Pakistani's I rode with in
      Dubai and Sharjah must have thought I was James F'ing Bond! For 20 Dirhams
      (about $6 USD), they would give the CIA a fit!

      The main thing is, never let the opposition know where you're staying.
      Take cabs to the wrong hotels and leave thru their basement parking garages
      to catch a new cab. They do the same things we would - like calling hotels
      looking for you, but you can defeat that by leading them to the wrong hotel
      in one place (like Dubai) and then catching a new cab to the place where
      you are staying (Sharjah). In my case, I was afforded the protection of the
      Sheikh in Sharjah and checked into a hotel he owned anonymously as his VIP
      guest so, unless they followed me, they could never have found me.

      His Royal Highness, Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, the Sheikh who
      treated me so well, presented me with a glass cased Holy Qaran as I left,
      along with an English translation. It's a long story, but suffice it to say
      this had nothing to do with an effort to convert me - more like hospitality,
      courtesy, mutual respect and cultural exchange.

      This was quite an extraordinary case. I am going to put together an
      article for Jimmie's PI Magazine.

      Still, I am sooooooooo glad to be home.


      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      Naples, FL 34101
      (239) 304-1639 V
      (239) 304-1640 F
      (239) 641-6782 C
      _www.FraudsAndScams.com_ (http://www.fraudsandscams.com/)

      In a message dated 3/29/2010 1:26:51 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      carrie@... writes:

      I need computer forensic pro to make a mirror image of a hard drive.
      Typically Branscum handles this for me but he is off traveling the world and
      hopefully staying out of trouble. Please email replies to
      _carrie@..._ (mailto:carrie@...) .

      Carrie Kerskie, CITRMS, LPI
      Marcone Investigations, Inc.
      5051 Castello Drive Suite 39
      Naples, FL 34103
      Office 239-435-9111
      Cell: 239-682-4197
      E-mail: _carrie@..._
      website: _www.naplespi.com_ (http://www.naplespi.com/)
      FL Agency License: A2200231

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