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ISPLA-New Senate Bills, Breaking News in DC , and Second Amendment Update

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    *ISPLA Legislative Update March 3, 2010 * ** New Senate Bills, Breaking News in DC , and Second Amendment Update Rep. Charles B. Rangel [D-NY-15] has asked
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      *ISPLA Legislative Update March 3, 2010 *


      New Senate Bills, Breaking News in DC , and Second Amendment Update

      Rep. Charles B. Rangel [D-NY-15] has asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a
      leave of absence from his position as chairman of powerful Committee on Ways
      and Means due to recent findings of the House Ethics Committee. Talk of his
      replacement may very well be Rep. Fortney �Pete� Stark [D-CA-13]. Known for
      being acerbic and on occasion out-right belligerent, some question just how
      long he will remain chairman after the 2010 elections. Congressman Rangel,
      79, a twenty term member of Congress, has long been regarded as one of its
      most powerful members. This committee has often had jurisdiction over issues
      of concern to investigative professionals and over the years the ISPLA�s
      director of government relations has submitted testimony in opposition to
      SSN ban legislation before it. Stay tuned�

      *And in the Senate�*

      *S. 3037, �Enhancing Oversight and Security at United States Missions Act of
      2010�*, a bill to increase oversight of private security contractors and
      establish the proper ratio of U.S. Government security personnel to private
      security contractors at U.S. missions where Armed Forces are engaged in
      conflict operations was introduced February 24th by Sen. Claire McCaskill
      [D-MO]. It is cosponsored by Sen. Russell D. Feingold [D-WI] and Sen.
      Patrick B. Leahy [D-VT] and has been referred to the Committee of Foreign

      *S 2950, �Criminal History Background Checks Pilot Extension Act of 2009�*,
      a bill extension sponsored by Sen. Charles E. Schumer [D-NY], was passed by
      the House and Senate to amend the Protect Act to extend by 14 months the
      Child Safety Pilot Program allowing certain volunteer organizations to
      obtain national and state criminal history checks on their volunteers. It
      became Public Law No.: 111-143 on March 1.

      *S 3029*, *�StartUp Visa Act of 2010�*, was introduced on February 24th by
      Sen. John F. Kerry [D-MA] and cosponsored by Sen. Richard G. Lugar [R-IN]
      and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The purpose of the bill is
      to establish an employment-based visa for alien entrepreneurs who have
      received significant capital from investors to establish a business in the

      *In the U.S. Supreme Court�*

      The U.S. Supreme Court appears poised to extend the Second Amendment
      guarantee of a right to own a gun, according to an ABA publication reviewed
      today. But the high court in *McDonald v. City of Chicago* also seems likely
      to allow municipalities some authority to regulate that right. The dominant
      sentiment on the court may be to extend the amendment beyond the federal
      level, based on the 14th Amendment�s guarantee of "due process."

      The focus of the court's initial debate may be how extensively the right to
      keep and bear arms should be spelled out. "An attempt by an attorney for the
      cities of Chicago and Oak Park, Ill., defending local bans on handguns in
      those communities, to prevent any application of the constitutional gun
      right to states, counties and cities looked forlorn and even doomed."

      ISPLA has previously commented on this case as well as the Supreme Court
      case of *DC v Heller* in which Al Cavasin, Peter Psarouthakis and Bruce
      Hulme, all now members of ISPLA�s Executive Committee, were instrumental in
      persuading several state and national investigative and security
      associations to join in an amicus brief on behalf of a District of Columbia
      security officer. The 2008 successful verdict in that litigation became the
      precursor to the current Supreme Court case of McDonald v. City of Chicago
      just heard.

      *A final comment�*

      President Obama today endorsed reconciliation, a tactic he plans to use to
      push his healthcare overhaul wherein passage may be accomplished by simple
      majority. In such a scenario the House passes the health bill passed in the
      Senate and the Senate then uses reconciliation to pass fixes in the bill
      agreeable to the House thus thereby passing Republicans and eliminating
      their ability to filibuster passing the changes with just a simple majority

      *Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action*

      * *

      The mission of *ISPLA* is to monitor and identify critical legislative and
      regulatory issues in order to provide a forum for debate and discussion
      within the investigative and security professions and to serve as an
      advocate for these professions. To support and join us in this mission go to

      *ISPLA Executive Committee*

      *235 N. Pine Street***

      *Lansing**, MI 48933***

      *Tel: (734) 428 9663 *

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