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Re: [infoguys-list] Retired LE Officer National Carry (summary of HR 218)

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  • David C. Hoover with Independent Investig
    Gil, I see Sue was helpful enough to copy the whole HR 218 for you. If you haven t read it yet, here s a brief summary of who can carry a firearm in all fifty
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      I see Sue was helpful enough to copy the whole HR 218 for you. If you haven't read it yet, here's a brief summary of who can carry a firearm in all fifty states while off-duty:

      1.) Currently employed as a law-enforcement officer (LEO)
      2.) Retired after 15 years of service, as long as you were not deemed to be mentally unstable
      3.) Duty-disabled after completing your probationary term (usually 6 months-1 year after being hired)
      -The duty disability cannot be due to mental instability.

      In order to carry the firearm you have to complete a yearly qualification based on the state in which you live. In Illinois it is roughly 32 rounds, and is very easy. If you are a current LEO, you need your official LEO identification with you. If you are retired or disabled you need an official retired or disabled ID from the agency which you worked, and a letter from the state board saying you passed the qualification, or an ID from the agency where you worked which says you are retired/disabled and authorized to carry a concealed firearm, and the date you last qualified. It is important to note that this ability to carry is null and void if you are under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.

      I am very familiar with this statue due to being a duty-disabled police detective. My department did not have anything in place for duty-disabled officers, just for the retired officers. Due to this I had to become knowledgeable about this legislation to inform my former administration and help them implement a program to assist in this area.

      For those curious, this has been tested in state court before, in a well-known case involving four LEOs, all of whom were armed, and one of which shot a Hells Angels Member at the Sturgis biker rally in North Dakota. Two of the LEOs were Seattle, Washington Police Officers, and two were U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents. All were off-duty. Eventually all of the charges were dropped against the law enforcement officers. Here is a link to that story: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/388181_sturgis18.html.


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      Jan 7, 2010 10:50:15 AM, infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      I Goggled this and cannot find where any law has passed allowing retired
      or current LE officers to carry in any state throughout the US. It was my
      impression that this law was passed. Does anyone know the status, and what
      is involved for an officer to obtain a permit like this? Is a permit
      required, or just proof of retired, or active status.

      I am a bit confused.

      Thank you

      Gil Whitlock
      Associated Research & Investigations, Ltd
      _www.associated-research.com_ (http://www.associated-research.com/)

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