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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    Fla has a 6 person jury and it has to be unanimous verdicts. Yes, portions of BF s testimony will be read to the jury (G-d only knows what the judge will
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2009
      Fla has a 6 person jury and it has to be unanimous verdicts.
      Yes, portions of BF's testimony will be read to the jury (G-d only knows what the judge will allow and he hasn't ruled on it yet).
      I can tweak the gate situation either way:
      1. if it was frequently broken she would know about it and not have a false sense of security
      2. if it was rarely broken or broken but fixed regularly we are not negligent.

      the plaintiff has gone with theory 1 (what else can they do). they put on testimony that the father warned her about the gate and to be careful: this will come back to haunt them.
      That boyfriend is no where to be found and the defense has spent mucho $ trying to find out where he slithered.

      Posted by: "Jurydoctor@..." Jurydoctor@... jurydoctor
      Date: Tue Nov 3, 2009 7:58 am ((PST))

      vRe: access-amy
      Posted by: "suesarkis@..." suesarkis@... suesarkis2001
      Date: Mon Nov 2, 2009 9:57 am ((PST))
      From your mouth to G-d ears.
      Some folks in the e-opinions felt the gate gave her a false sense of security.
      Maybe she thought the gate was ok, and the person was a neighbor.. etc etc..
      We have to make it clear based on what I have been hearing
      A. she knew her murderers
      B. if she let them in the apt she would let them in the gate
      C. it was an execution style murder.

      Yes, you are right I give you 1/2 the story (not even). that is because if I
      told you everything it would be a dissertation.
      so I try to give enough so that you can ask questions. The questions you have
      based on the scanty info is sometimes more important then the opinions.
      It tells me what people need to know to make a decision. What is important and
      what is not important.
      Only thru a "people-driven" question and answer interaction do we all find the
      issues of the case. What I or the arbitrators think
      are the issues may not be what you think the issues are. The only thing that
      matters is what you think the issues are.
      Thanks everybody for your thoughts.
      I will let you know the outcome of this 3 week trial.
      BTW, we have a plaintiff prone jury except for 1 person who is very logical and
      reasonable and able to make fine distinctions I hope
      he is the foreperson.

      Amy -

      Since you hardly ever even give us half of the story and we never truly
      know the issues at hand as you do not tell us, here is what I assume based on
      what you now tell us.

      The female decedent's family is suing the owners of the building for
      "wrongful death".

      If that is the case based on what you have stated below, I don't think the
      building owners have anything to worry about. Regardless of whether drugs
      were involved or not, the fact that the gate was broken, fixed and then
      broken again the next day it was fixed speaks volumes about the caliber and
      character of the people living there, not the owners.



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      1b. Re: access-Sue
      Posted by: "suesarkis@..." suesarkis@... suesarkis2001
      Date: Tue Nov 3, 2009 10:44 am ((PST))

      Amy -

      If the gate repair records show that the gate is repaired more often than
      what is considered "normal", there would be no false sense of security issue
      in play.

      Also, even if the gate was NOT broken, the fact still remains that we all
      know full well that there is ALWAYS some fool who will buzz the gate open
      without even asking "who's there?". Any true PI has had the need for that
      more than once. I know I have never been let down. LOL

      Does FL laws allow the admission of portions of the depo transcript of the
      boyfriend based on "unavailable witness"? If not, find the boyfriend if
      you have no other way of proving she knew the murderers. However, as the
      devil's advocate I will say that when she on the phone just because she
      thought she knew who was at the door doesn't mean they were really the one[s]
      the door.

      Also, based on your comment of the jury makeup, does FL cases require
      unanimous verdict in civil cases?


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