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Re: [infoguys-list] Digital Video Enhancement

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  • Slipinn@aol.com
    Try Salient Still s in Mass. They do work for the FBI and private as well. I have used them before and they are good folks. They are the best I have seen at
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 13 4:20 PM
      Try "Salient Still's" in Mass. They do work for the FBI and private as
      well. I have used them before and they are good folks. They are the best I
      have seen at video work of this nature.

      Chuck Chambers
      Co-President, Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI)
      Charter member- FAPI
      Author- The Private Investigator's Handbook
      Recipient of the 2007 Fapi Outstanding service award
      State approved Instructor Private Investigator licensing course-Manatee
      Community College
      Former Law Enforcement, USMC
      NRA Law Enf. firearms Instructor(1986) Rifle expert,Pistol expert, Shotgun
      Expert Witness - Security Negligence,Accident reconstruction,Police
      former memberships-WAD, CII, NALI, ASIS,NCISS,PIAF,NAIS,NAPPS,
      _WWW.ChambersAgency.com_ (http://www.chambersagency.com/)
      Chambers Investigations
      606 49th st w
      Bradenton Florida 34209
      Lic.# A-0001959

      In a message dated 7/13/2009 4:57:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      rth@... writes:

      I have a client who self-installed some fairly high end video equipment
      at his residence to catch vandals. It worked and he has some really
      nice video of the offender and her car (both coming and going) but the
      license plate and facial features (the dummy actually opened the
      driver's door to throw handfuls of nails on his driveway) are
      insufficient for identification purposes.

      I have access to the original digital files as I had him pull the hard
      drive after making some copies. He had the recorder set to the highest
      quality recording level and though I've pulled screen shots (digitally,
      not with a camera) frame by frame, I've had no success with Photo Shop
      in enhancing the image of the plate or subject.

      I thought that the fact his equipment is capable of multiplexing that he
      was losing quality in that he was recording, I think, three or four
      cameras simultaneously. He presented that to the manufacturer/cameras s
      and they insist that he wouldn't lose anything there but WOULD lose
      quality by recording at 30fps which, of course, is exactly what he did.
      The manufacturer says that if he'd recorded at a lower fps rate the
      resultant screen captures would have more definition and clarity.

      Questions to the group:

      1) is this explanation accurate in your experience, e.g. high fps less
      detail than lower fps rate? Your response can be shared with the list
      as I think it's probably worthwhile for sharing

      2) Are you aware of anything or anyone who can take what we're stuck
      with and perhaps bring up a clearer image of either the plate or the
      subject and, if so, what a ball park figure would be for examining the
      files and "playing with them." This latter is best responded to by
      private, off-list email to me.




      Hrodey & Associates Established 1977
      Post Office Box 366 Member of NALI, ASIS, FBINAA,
      Woodstock, IL 60098-0366 NCISS, & P.A.W.L.I.
      Licensed in IL & WI (815) 337-4636 Voice
      337-4638 Fax
      email: _inquiry@..._ (mailto:inquiry@...)
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      (mailto:rth@...) >
      Illinois License 115-000783 Wisconsin 8045-063

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