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    ______________________________________________________________________ Re: auto accident-who is at fault You did not mention as part of the defense, the fact
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2009
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      Re: auto accident-who is at fault

      You did not mention as part of the defense, the fact that Diego violated
      any rules of the road. With that said, I will assume that what he was doing
      was lawful.

      It would appear that Mindy was not paying attention since her car actually
      went under and out the other side; obviously the truck had been maneuvering
      to this position for a period of time. What I don't understand is how
      could have successfully made a u-turn to go the other way if the divided
      highway had a median unless it was actually a median strip.

      Since Mindy broke hard, what speed do the skidmarks have her going?

      I would venture to say that the GCS went from 8 to 12 rather than 12 to 8
      as you have indicated. Unless, of course, she got worse instead of better.
      Has anyone conducted a Rancho Los Amigos Scale? At this stage of the
      game that would be more conducive to her future assessment.

      What's an "opposite race" boyfriend?

      Since 18 wheelers are the backbone of this nation, why would you say that
      no one likes them? I'm curious.

      Based on what has been stated, it would appear that the defense is being
      quite generous if, in fact, they are willing to pay 1.2 mil.

      Please advise.


      as far as opposite race, one is black and one is white.. (their words not mine)

      the defense states thay are not at fault, but if you find they are at fault then 1.2 million is what they believe the damaages are

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