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Fw: Who Murdered 3 Year Old Julie?

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  • Barbara Williams
    Subject: Who Murdered 3 Year Old Julie? SafeCITY Publishing Publishers of Local MugSHOTS The Nation s Leading Crime-Fighter Publication May 28, 2009 VOL. 1
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      Subject: Who Murdered 3 Year Old Julie?

      SafeCITY Publishing
      Publishers of Local MugSHOTS
      The Nation's Leading Crime-Fighter Publication
      May 28, 2009 VOL. 1 NO. 16 

      $25,000 REWARD for the MURDERER OF JULIE MAGLIULO! Cold Case Haunts Investigators
      Who Killed Little Julie?
      She was just 3 years old, blonde with blue eyes, and cute as a button, but someone wanted her dead.
      Little Julie Magliulo vanished from her south Florida home in 1987 and was found dead months later.
      The FBI and local police agencies are reopening this cold case in hopes of cracking it once and for all
      MIAMI -- Authorities say someone must have information about the 1987 disappearance of a little girl, Julie Magliulo, whose skeletal remains were found 10 months later, and they're offering a $25,000 Reward and appealing to the public for clues as, after 22 years, they reopen the investigation.

      "Things like this don't happen in a vacuum. Somebody knows something, even after all these years," said Broward County sheriff's spokesman Jim Leljedal. "We just want them to come forward."

      Three-year-old Julie Magliulo was last seen by her mother playing in her front yard in Pompano Beach -- about 35 miles north of Miami. About 8:30 a.m. on June 8, 1987, a Broward sheriff's deputy saw Julie playing outside her house in the Broadview Estates neighborhood near North Lauderdale, BSO homicide Detective Scott Champagne said. So did a garbage man who passed through a half-hour later.

      At 9:30 a.m., Julie told her mother, Brenda, that she was going to a friend's house nearby, Champagne said.

      Ten minutes later, a neighbor saw her walking a beaten-down path to a nearby Circle K convenience store.

      About 10 a.m., Brenda Magliulo realized something was wrong when she saw Julie's friend -- but not Julie. At 11:50 a.m., Brenda Magliulo called BSO
      The blonde, blue-eyed girl wearing red shorts and a blue T-shirt became the subject of a huge manhunt that included thousands of posters and police officers searching cars and going door-to-door through neighborhoods.

      But not a trace of Julie was found. Then, on April 21, 1988 two men scouting a remote part of western Broward County - now the town of Weston - to practice shooting found the girl's skeletal remains. She had been asphyxiated.

      Despite hundreds of investigative leads, little physical evidence was discovered, no witnesses came forward and no suspect was ever identified.

      Gradually the case grew dormant. The FBI and sheriff's office decided to make a new public appeal as part of a nationwide initiative to focus attention on cold cases involving missing and murdered children The Magliulo case is one of five selected around the country, said FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela.Investigators would be interested in persons who were visiting, who recently arrived to the Pompano Beach, Florida area prior to June 1987, or who left suddenly after June 8, 1987. Even if you think that your information is unimportant, or that someone else may have already reported what you know, please contact the investigation's hotline. NOW is the time to come forward. It is never too late to give any information that might help. Your call may be the one that provides us with the information needed to solve this case.
      People who think they know something are urged to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL FBI (1-800-225-5324).

      SafeCITY Publishing Welcomes Ulrike & Paul Padgett as the "Local MugSHOTS" Distributor for Marion and Alachua County, FL

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