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Re: HGH-why it was shipped as glass

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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    does this matter?: Employee Igor had been informed by Acme bio Co in August, that they could quietly and peacefully ship hgh because they were not
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2009
      does this matter?:

      Employee Igor had been informed by Acme bio Co in August, that they could
      "quietly and peacefully" ship hgh because they were not registered with the FDA.

      Igor declined and even offered to help Acme bio obtain electronic
      registration on the FDA's website. Acme bio declined.

      No further communication between Igor and Acme bio can be found until
      November when details of an order from Acme bio appear between Igor and Acme Bio in
      an e-mail.

      A sample order of 1 vial was shipped to the pharmacy in Nov/Dec. There is no
      record of what happened to that sample vial. Normally testing would have
      been done on this vial. No record of this exists.

      Another order was placed by Igor and received the first part of January.
      This is the box that was labeled glassware samples on the outside. The hGH vials
      were labeled correctly. The shippers' name was listed as a glassware
      company, not Acme Bio.

      It could be argued that the box was labeled on the outside to avoid detection
      thru customs or to avoid pilferage during transit or to identify that the
      contents were fragile. This was the only shipment of hgh received labeled this
      way over a 3.5 year period.

      No further orders were placed from Acme Bio. Testing revealed diminished
      potency compared to other manufactures and the concentration of the powder made
      it very difficult to process.

      The order that is in question, was sent to Igor's house who then brought it
      to the pharmacy. It had something to do with refrigeration requirements and
      that it had to be shipped to arrive on Saturday. Since the pharmacy is closed
      on Saturday, it was shipped to Igor, who then refrigerated it and brought it to
      the pharmacy on Monday.

      Igor first arranged shipment to the defendant's pharmacy operation in NC.
      Again, he said it had to do with refrigeration and was shipped to Igor's house
      on a Saturday.

      Records indicate two vials of this order cannot be accounted for. Igor left
      at the start of 06. Computer forensics show e-mails between Igor and pharmacy
      customers indicating that Igor and his partner (also a former pharmacy
      employee) could supply hgh thru their own "new" company while they were still
      employed at the pharmacy.

      There is no prohibition of hgh manufactured in China coming into the US.
      There are no tariff or import taxes due on hgh coming into the US from any
      country including China.

      Bulk hgh powder dose not require FDA approval. Finished hgh products from
      any country including China do.

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