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    Let s see if we all think this is worth it after this little anecdote: Little boy named James , that we call Jamie, is strolling down the road one day in his
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      Let's see if we all think this is worth it after this little anecdote:
      Little boy named James , that we call Jamie, is strolling down the road one
      day in his brand new Humvee with three other blokes.
      One is his C.O., a senior Master Sgt., two privates and little Jamie, who
      was at this time a buck sgt or corporal, I'll have to ask him because I
      don't quite remember his rank at this specific moment in time.

      So they get dispatched to a specific spot on a road, near a SCHOOL for kids
      and a commercial sector because it seems these four men are U.S. Army, 4th
      Infantry, E.O.D. This is in the opening weeks of our incursion, once 4th ID
      had made it into Bagdad. What is astounding is that this group of E.O.D.
      did NOT have blast suits, nope, just their tools and HUGE BALLS.
      SO, they are on their way and, wouldn't you know it, the report of the
      unexploded ordinance was a ruse by the enemy and it is actually a trap. As
      their Humvee is close to the school , a buried IED is remotely detonated,
      lifting said Humvee way into the air.

      Little Jamie comes to his senses while carrying his C.O. in his arms into
      the hospital one block away. The other two occupants didn't make it. Jamie
      is wounded, blood streaming out his ears, nose, etc.. from the concussion.
      Luckily there are no "holes" in Jamie, but the concussion has damaged his
      hearing and sight, forever.

      Sgt. is screwed up but lives.James refused to leave the hospital and his Sgt
      until relieved by some other troopers responding to the explosion. He is
      WOUNDED, but refuses to leave his Sgt. for treatment of his own wounds.

      Week before this incident, Jamie received the Army Commendation Medal with V
      for Valor because his Battalion C.O. walks up on him and his team diffusing
      a I.E.D. in their BDUs, no blast suits because no one issued them blast
      suits but they didn't sit around, they did their job.

      Jamie received the Bronze Star with V (valor) designation for his action on
      the day he was blown up.

      Now, let us reflect on some words that little Jamie spoke to me not long
      ago."it is arrogant to the max of some in our country to believe that
      liberty and the ideals of democracy should apply to only Americans or
      Europeans, remember, we had help in our fight for freedom, lots of help.
      Who are we to believe that only we are to be blessed by God with freedom?"
      You see, Jamie understood the far reaching effects if we can just get ONE
      foothold of freedom in the Middle East.
      To him, it was worth it, I've asked. To him, who served, it was worth all
      the pain, the medical retirement, leaving his unit, living with headaches
      that drop him to his knees at times, living with no hearing in one ear now,
      it was ALL worth it because he knows that another human being is tasting
      freedom. All that wisdom from a high school graduate from Franklin, Texas,
      a small town of about 2000 people and more horses and cattle. Seems that
      our advanced degreed legislators might do with a small dose of common sense.

      So, the next time some limp wristed, left wing, squeal like a damn woman,
      squat to pee pinko liberal tells you we shouldn't be in Iraq, ask them
      kindly to kiss your ass up to the pink. I don't care why we're there, the
      fact is we're there. We've got boys and girl fighting for our freedom as
      well as the freedom and liberty of 20 million of God's children. I have no
      illusions that it is unpopular, I understand that. I have no illusions that
      we probably shouldn't have gone in the first place, that is all water under
      the bridge. We're there, we have to win, we have to succeed in the best way
      possible, we HAVE to because the alternative is horrendous to imagine.
      Jaime, is James Nolan Brantner, my wife's nephew and a bona fide, look at
      him walk down that street, hero and anyone that doesn't like it can get in a
      line and kiss my ass.

      This rant brought to you by the insane Democratic Party pussies that now
      populate Washington DC.

      Brian K. Ingram, Owner
      Consulting Investigation Services
      P.O. Box 2097
      Waxahachie, Texas 75168
      Tx. P.I. License: A-08429
      Forensic Data Recovery, Email Tracing,Internet Investigations, Catastrophic
      Event Investigations
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      Serving Texas since 1996
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      Rick -

      there are two schools of thought about the economy and wars. I am too tired
      to go into all of the details but I will say the following which is
      historical fact. Had we not had WWII, we might never have gotten out of the
      aftermath of the Big Depression.

      One thing to remember about WWII is that in the early stages of the war our
      country's increased manufacturing and agricultural output was shipped
      overseas to other counties, which actually paid for the goods. This
      increased our net export and new money flowed into the U.S. Even later in
      the war when "Lend/Lease" prevailed our allies managed to pay for some of
      the material they received. At the close of the war new money continued to
      entered the U.S. economy as Germany and Japan were forced to pay "war

      With Iraq the U.S., one way or another, is paying for everything. If Rick,
      Sue and I comprised a household and I took a dollar from Rick and gave it to
      Sue to purchase a bullet, which I then fired into the ground, has our net
      household income increased? A little simplistic I admit but you see my


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