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Re: Nationwide Criminal Search - Case AND REAL LESSONS In Point

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  • Ricky Gurley
    ... are ... case that ... shoe ... whole case from ... I think in todays world, the Private Investigator has to be pretty adept in BOTH areas of
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2009
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, Glad4JC@... wrote:
      > Thanks Bill for reminding us all of these especially those of us who
      > into technology and the internet. I am being hired as we speak on a
      case that
      > another investigator is losing because he did not apply the old gum
      > surveillance and or interviewing techniques but tried to do the
      whole case from
      > his computer.

      I think in todays world, the Private Investigator has to be pretty
      adept in BOTH areas of investigation. He or she has to be
      knowledgeable in the "digital world" AND has to be willing to "scuff
      up" his or her shoes a little. I remember the days of having to pull
      information from the court house (if you wanted the information, you
      drove to the courthouse, or got it through fax or mail from the court
      house). Now, with all of the records that are on-line life is a little
      easier, and information flows a little faster. Knowing how to maneuver
      in that "digital world" can give one an edge.


      Not knowing how to work in the field (surveillance, interviews,
      "garbage collection", etc., etc.) takes that edge away. The computer
      won't let you see that data that your subject just discarded to the
      trash in many cases, or won't let you see that certain "facial tick"
      that tells you the person you are interviewing is hiding something or
      lying, or won't let you see that subject working in the yard when he
      or she is supposed to have a hurt back.

      If I had to ask for an example of why both areas of investigation are
      important, I'd ask Bill to explain to us why he took the time and
      spent the money to learn computer forensics and get certified with
      Encase? My GUESS would be that while Bill is "old school" (and I mean
      that in a good way), and probably one of the best P.I.s that I know
      of, he saw a need to learn more about digital evidence and its uses in
      the court room since it seems that the trend these days for the
      prosecution is to always attempt to try to gather this type of
      evidence. This can be seen in the increase in computer seizures when a
      person is charged with a crime.

      Most of my money is made in computer crimes cases. I have a very good
      team that works with me on these cases, and we enjoy a pretty decent
      success rate. But, we never overlook the fact that often times it is
      necessary to come out from behind the computer and "scuff up" our
      shoes a little.

      In these days and times though, no matter what type of P.I. work you
      are doing, the computer is an important tool, even if it only means
      knowing how to choose and use a good case management system. The
      computer makes our work a lot faster, and therefore enables us to
      handle more cases, and make more money; often times.

      I think both "gumshoe investigation skills" and "digital investigation
      skills" are equally important in today's world.


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