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Confidential Information Specialist Workshop

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    Skip Tracing/Info gathering for Investigative Professionals: A Workshop Confidential Sources, a group of seasoned Information Specialists based in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2009
      Skip Tracing/Info gathering for Investigative Professionals: A

      Confidential Sources, a group of seasoned Information Specialists
      based in Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, is pleased to announce an
      upcoming workshop designed to help Investigators, Real Estate
      Investors, and other professionals develop advanced skiptracing

      The workshop, to be held on Thursday, February 26 and Saturday,
      February 28 at the Apollo Business Center in Beverly Hills,
      California, will be led by Bill Hearn, a preeminent Confidential
      Information Specialist, with more than 30 years of experience in
      finding exceptionally hard-to-locate information and assets
      throughout North America. Bill will be joined by Chrisina Denbaugh,
      one of the nation's foremost skip tracers and information
      specialists, and Greg Garrett, a leading private investigator and
      security consultant.

      The workshop will focus on providing attendees with the skills and
      knowledge they need to locate virtually any individual or entity
      fast, from owners of abandoned properties to lien holders to debtors
      to bail jumpers and more. Topics to be covered will include:

      - How to focus your search by analyzing the "skip" and determining
      how to follow the trail until he or she is found.
      - How to use the tools available to professional skiptracers to
      their best advantage.
      - How to make use of time-tested investigative techniques and
      proven "tricks of the trade."
      - How to understand and process information from databases and cross-
      reference that information with "live" data.
      - How to find key resources and contacts--by far the most vital part
      of the skiptracing process.

      (Please mote: You must be aware of and current with all laws,
      regulations, and rules that may apply to your skiptrace at local,
      state, and federal levels. Your search must abide by mandated laws.)

      Sign up for this invaluable workshop now!

      Date: Thursday, February 26 and Saturday, February 28, 2009
      Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
      Location: 9107 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 450, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
      Cost: $250.00 per person; $200.00 for partner/spouse

      Payment can be made in the form of a check, money order, or Paypal.
      Checks and money orders may be mailed to:

      Bill Hearn
      POB 407
      South Prairie, WA 98385

      For questions or further information, please contact Bill Hearn at
      253-862-3037 or 253-973-3113, or e-mail him at consources@...


      BILL HEARN. Mr. Hearn, founder of Confidential Sources, began his
      investigative career in 1975 in the United States Air Force, where
      he worked in a security capacity. Shortly thereafter he completed
      training at the Security Technical Services, an investigative
      training institute headquartered in Oakland, California. In the same
      time frame, he began working for South City Collections in San
      Francisco, where he specialized in skiptracing and asset searches.
      He then worked for Sam Webster, a San Francisco private
      investigator, on whose behalf he conducted several undercover
      operations for theft and narcotics. In the early 1980s he joined the
      staff Lesser & Lesser Investigations in Foster City, California,
      where he worked as a special agent on compensation cases. He then
      served as an in-house skiptracer for Liberty Bail Bonds in Dallas,
      Texas, and as a recovery agent for North Highlands Recovery in
      Sacramento, California. In 1988 he relocated to Seattle,
      Washington, where he founded Confidential Sources. Mr. Hearn now
      specializes in process serving, judgment recovery, family reunion,
      asset/information locates, field contact services, and bail recovery
      support services.

      CHRISINA DENBAUGH. Ms. Denbaugh is a prominent skip tracer and
      information specialist who is widely known throughout the
      investigative industry for her ability to perform exceptionally
      difficult locates, often on behalf of other investigative
      professionals. Ms. Denbaugh began her career at Consulting Services
      International in Newport Beach, California, where she was in charge
      of skiptracing and judgement recovery services for a large law firm
      located in South Orange County. She then worked for ABC Legal
      Services as a skiptracer specializing in hard-to-locate individuals
      and assets. Ms. Denbaugh is also the founder, executive director,
      and guiding force behind Emergency Medical Locators for Adoptees
      (EMLA), a nonprofit agency that conducts biological searches on
      behalf of individuals who are in need of information on their birth
      families' medical histories.

      GREG GARRETT. Mr. Garrett is a licensed California private
      investigator and security consultant who has investigated or
      supervised more than 2000 cases involving Cal OSHA, civil and
      criminal litigation, fraud, insurance, missing persons, and
      workplace violence. His education includes an associate of science
      degree in Administration of Justice and a bachelor's degree in
      Business Management. Mr. Garrett has particular expertise in
      investigations involving fraud, burglary, narcotics, theft, and
      civil investigations. He is also an AOE/COE expert with extensive
      knowledge of the insurance industry.


      Here is what former students have to say about this unique
      skiptracing workshop:

      I would like to recommend Bill Hearn's class to anyone interested in
      real estate. His class taught me how to easily find hard-to-find
      property owners of abandoned houses or out-of-town owners. Mr. Hearn
      has a wealth of resources that will not only give you the owner's
      name, but names and phone numbers of relatives, friends, associates,
      affiliations, and much more. I was amazed! I have also used it to
      run background checks as well as criminal and credit checks (with
      proper authorization, of course). I used the same resources to help
      another investor, and I tracked down a con man who had clouded up
      the title on a property we were working the short-sale on. I was
      able to track him on his calling cards! Again, I would recommend you
      attend his class; it has been very helpful to me.

      Tawne Burgess
      NWREII Member and Real Estate Investor


      I was also a student of Bill's. In fact, I was Bill's first private
      lesson just before he started doing the classes. Bill had a lot of
      good stuff to share. I spend a lot of time searching for people, and
      I only use a small fraction of what Bill taught me. I don't even
      bother to try that hard. If I can't find them in the first few
      minutes, then I go on to the next one. If you really want to track
      down an abandoned homeowner or something and are willing to put some
      time into it, then you will find many more than I do. I find way
      more than half the people I look for. I just have so many people on
      my list to find, that I don't spend much time on any of them. I just
      go on to the next one.

      Tim Pears


      If the seller is gone and you need to find them, how do you do it?
      Well, you work on neighbors, relatives, utility companies, cable
      companies, friends, and associates. I even ask the postman! If you
      have never done any of these things or don't know how to find basic
      phone numbers for people who don't want to be found, you need to
      learn some tricks of the trade. We use a lot of different
      techniques, and most of them I learned from Bill--or I call him to
      help me find them if I strike out. If you don't work on it, you
      won't find them. We work it and work it hard. I love people who have
      walked away, and I love finding them even more. Go to Bill's seminar
      to learn his tricks of the trade. It's not easy, but like anything
      else it pays to learn from professionals. Give Bill's seminar a try!
      You won't be sorry; most of his techniques are free services.

      Learn to skiptrace; you won't be sorry. If you need help finding
      someone, call Bill--or better yet, go to his seminar and learn it

      Jeff Divers
      Vivid Development

      I highly recommend Bill Hearn's skiptracing workshop. He
      demonstrates how to locate absent property owners from the Internet
      and by phone, sometimes in minutes. During the class he located an
      owner I had been looking for in public records and telephone
      directories, and I was speaking with him on the phone within a few

      The cost of the class is minimal compared with the additional income
      potential of finding these people. In addition, he offered to locate
      sellers for us, if we ever hit a dead-end in a search.

      Janice Smith


      I just wanted to tell everyone in the group that if you can attend
      Bill Hearn's skiptracing workshop, you should attend. I attended a
      private consultation in Boise, Idaho, last month, and was amazed at
      the information he presented. My boyfriend turned out to be a pretty
      good skiptracer! Bill taught us some amazing tricks on how to find

      Lori Davis
      Benton City, Washington
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