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Directories, advertising, free tools, self promotion, and total rip-off

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  • John
    I sent the following message to another investigator this morning. I have changed information that would identify that person. I thought that some of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2009
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      I sent the following message to another investigator this morning. I
      have changed information that would identify that person. I thought
      that some of the information may be helpful for other group members. I
      am often surprised at the lack of cooperation between investigators. I
      can understand not wanting to share something with the group that
      gives you an edge on your competitors, but if you get burned in an
      advertising scheme maybe you should let the rest of the group at least
      know your allegation so that they can come to their own conclusions. I
      am a small start-up. I've been in business since late 2005. I have
      spent tens of thousands of dollars on internet advertising. Much of
      the higher paid annual listings have been a total loss, while some of
      the free listings have really been quite valuable. In these lean times
      wasting money is not an option for me. I have recently switched all my
      web-hosting to a linux unlimited plan at godaddy.com for 6.99 a month.
      I have 34 websites currently hosted for 6.99 a month and they come
      with one free email per domain at their site. In the below email I
      describe a situation that happen to me. In one case with Local.com I
      simply canceled the account stated my reason and they were respectful
      and polite. In the other case the guy was a complete and total jerk.
      He even called me numerous times after I asked him not to. Below is an
      email I sent out today. I t has some information that may be useful to
      other group members.

      Someone's Name,

      You are listed on both websites; theprivateinvestigatordirectory.com
      and usa-private-investigator.com. You haven't listed a reciprocal link
      to either website on your homepage. I will gladly change the title of
      your add after a link to one of my websites appears on your homepage.
      Unfortunately I can not change the order of your listing. They are
      listed by order of submission and by paid or free. Paid listings get
      precedence. Paid listings appear in all CAPITAL LETTERS. There are no
      paid listings in SomeState. If you paid the annual listing fee and
      kept it current you would appear at the top of the page indefinitely
      (relative to the life of the website and assuming there were no
      changes in annual terms or change of ownership). Often times clients
      who are savvy enough to find your listing will call companies in order
      of listing. I suspect that the first one to really answer and speak
      with the person will get the job since rates are usually competitive.
      Answering services may help, but I also suspect potential clients will
      just call the net guy when they are promised a call back. If you
      haven't already I suggest you get a google analytics account. It is
      free and allows you to see where hits to your website are coming from
      (websites, email, search engines, direct, etc.) Looking at your
      website ( I didn't look too hard) I do not see google analytics.
      Google analytics allowed me to drop some websites that made big
      promises and delivered nothing. I was paying $600 to 800 a year for an
      annual listing. One of them was magicyellow.com. I remember because
      when they called to renew my account I told the guy that the website
      got 4 clicks in a year and that was $200 a click (all the clicks
      bounced by the way). I told him the website was worthless and he was
      pissed off. He made it a personal challenge to show me the site had
      value. Surprisingly enough his website was number one for my targeted
      keywords the next day on google (the day after I dropped my listing).
      I don't know how he did it but he did and I was a bit pissed off. For
      about a month his website was knocking mine down some notches on the
      search engines, but since his site has dropped off the top 20 on the
      search engine for my targeted keywords. I don't make any wild
      promises. See below what I send out after I add a listing:


      Your listing is now active on www.theprivateinvestigatordirectory.com
      and www.usa-private-investigator.com. Please check your listing for
      accuracy and let us know ASAP if there is a discrepancy. Please list a
      reciprical link as soon as possible if you have chosen this option to
      one or both of the sites that you would like to remain on. I will
      check you site and if I can not find the link on your homepage you
      will be deleted from the directory, unless you have a paid listing.
      Quality in-bound links often play a role in search engine rankings! So
      do quality outbound links, so you might put links to government or
      other highly ranked websites on your website (make sure they are
      related to your website). Being listed on our directory can affect
      your ranking the same way we will be affected when you list us on your

      Besides the obvious benefit of being listed on the directory your page
      rank may be affected positively simply because
      theprivateinvestigatordirectory.com links to your site. I encourage
      eveyone to get listed in as many directories as possible. This will
      boost the rating of your website and in turn the directories as well.

      To see what websites a search engine may find linked to your site or
      another site type link:www.yourwebsite.com in any major search engine
      (google, yahoo). The web crawl process sometimes takes a long time
      often between 30 and 60 days. The sooner you start the sooner we will
      get results. Our website has been registered fo a while but has only
      been active as a directory since the beginning of November 2007.

      Often times the power of reciprical links will be downplayed. I know
      it works as long as the links are quality (not spam) links. Different
      websites will assign links different values and will change these
      values from time to time.

      The goal of our directory is to be ranked high in the search engines
      and give first exposure to companies based on date of listing not
      alphabetical order. Paid listings will be placed at the top of the
      page in the order they are added to the directory.

      Please look at other listing to determine if your listing is
      sufficient. If you would like to make changes to your listing simply
      e-mail me a request description.

      Current keyword search engine ranking as of 12/24/2009 11:09 AM
      Eastern time

      Keywords: Nationwide Private Investigator Directory
      Search Engine Ranking:
      AllTheWeb: 4
      Google: 3
      Yahoo: 7

      Rankings will improve quickly when you provide reciprical links.

      You can determine the description of the link yourself, but generally
      you would want to include the words "private, investigator, directory".

      Example: Nationwide Private Investigator Directory

      Thank you,
      John Leonard

      John Leonard, CPP
      VersaTek, LLC
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