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RE: [infoguys-list] "Good Samaritan" Sued In Califor nia

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  • Rob Bowman
    I don t normally reply to discussion, but this ones a little one sided. We ve all taken the CPR classes, and first aid... And from them, we all know a special
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      I don't normally reply to discussion, but this ones a little one sided.
      We've all taken the CPR classes, and first aid... And from them, we all know
      a special little secret, which is "never move the body unless absolutely
      necessary to prevent death"... Or, something to that effect....
      The good Samaritan rule is a good one, and I don't think most people would
      fall into trouble with it, but from what I read in the news story, the
      samara tin moved the body because he thought the car was going to catch
      fire, but didn't. In the process, he severed the victim's spinal cord.
      That's a tough deal. Wouldn't you have rather stayed behind? I mean good
      Samaritans are caring people, but not professionals. As a former policeman,
      I have nearly always had to deal with the public over helping to the point
      of interference, and poor help at best. There are a few who were in the
      medical field that were knowledgeable, but even I wouldn't offer much help,
      and would maintain until the proper party arrived to give proper care. The
      story remind me of my friend that died at Pismo Beach in 1999. He was
      helping dig out some people that were stuck in the dunes... got back in his
      buggy and rolled down the hill. He broke his neck on the roll bar. His
      best friend went to his aid and pulled him out of the vehicle. He died a
      short time later. It still rings in my ears at the funeral, the guy kept
      weeping about how "he died in my arms"... He was a good Samaritan to all
      that knew him, but the coroner and I know that his friend killed him. In my
      opinion, this is all common sense.... If you don't know what you're doing,
      then don't do it. especially to me.

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      Marvin -

      When I presented the case to group, I expected a heck of lot more talk than
      there was. I will gladly DISCUSS.

      The court lost its ever lovin' mind. They seem to have equated "emergency
      care" to "medical care" and I do not agree. I believe they have
      misinterpreted the code. However, I understand why they did because of the
      exemptions included, so, with that said, the legislature better get back in
      real quick and correct what the Supremes have obviously taken as "ambiguous

      Let's just hope and pray that Ms. Torti winds up with an above average jury
      who will clear her of any liability. However, in this day and age the darn
      juries believe that someone has to pay for someone's suffering even in cases

      where the suffering is at their own devise. In this case I believe that if
      anyone is to blame it would be driver Watson although Torti should be nailed
      "contributory negligence" having knowingly and willingly entered the vehicle

      of a person under the influence.

      Regardless, let's hope a jury can see through this nonsense.

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