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Countdown to De La Hoya v. Pacquiao: 30 Days and Counting!

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    Many thanks and deserved recognition go out to all agencies that participated in last weekend s Double-The-Money piracy surveillance. Most investigators met
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2008
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      Many thanks and deserved recognition go out to all agencies that
      participated in last weekend's "Double-The-Money" piracy
      surveillance. Most investigators met with success on the Latin Fury
      telecast, and although unlawful exhibition of the Mijares fight was more
      limited, we are pleased to report several agencies identified commercial
      locations unlawfully exhibiting both events, and will be paid double as
      a result.

      Our focus now is on the De La Hoya v. Pacquiao event on Saturday,
      December 6th. Last year's De La Hoya fight shattered the record for
      PPV buys, revenue, and commercial piracy. Investigators working for our
      firm out performed those working elsewhere by leaps and bounds. Dozens
      of agencies realized five-figure paydays conducting surveillance.

      We will finish 2008 in grand style with a tune-up fight this weekend
      (Abraham v. Marquez II ), UFC 91: Couture v. Lesnar next Saturday 11/15,
      the El Salvador v. Costa Rica CONCACAF Tournament Game on Wednesday
      11/19, De La Hoya v. Pacquiao on 12/6, and UFC 92: The Ultimate on
      December 27th. We being 2009 with Affliction's: Day of Reckoning on
      Saturday, January 24th.

      We take great responsibility in providing the investigative community
      with honest evaluations of the piracy potential of our client's
      events. If we tell you an event is "much anticipated" or a "blockbuster"
      we believe it is exactly that. If we expect very little piracy,
      we'll tell you as much candidly. We also pride ourselves on a
      handshake relationship that we have enjoyed with investigative
      professionals for nearly 15 years. One cannot help but notice that the
      auditing outfits have recently abandoned their long-standing
      requirements that "auditors" execute exclusive one-year contracts in a
      desperate move to induce investigator participation.

      Look we're attorneys and we've never used such contracts. We
      find them offensive and needless. Investigators work for our clients
      through our law firm because we pay considerably more and treat them
      like professionals. No contracts, never a log sheet, never some
      "certification". We don't restrict investigators from canvassing
      prior pirates and we don't require pirate locations to have a
      minimum capacity or any other nonsensical criteria. You can work with us
      and our clients whenever and wherever you want, for the least amount of
      paperwork and the most amount of money, plain and simple.

      Finally, for licensed private investigators who venture out this weekend
      and come home empty-handed don't be discouraged. Please contact my
      staff or I about the investigative assignments where you can really make
      money, and we'll get you started today.

      Tom Riley

      Law Offices of Thomas P. Riley, P.C.

      First Library Square
      1114 Fremont Avenue
      South Pasadena, CA 91030-3227

      Phone: (800) 590-5511; (626) 799-9797

      Fax: (866) 242-8905; (626) 799-9795

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      "Proudly Serving the Closed-Circuit Industry Since 1994"

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