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Upcoming Surveillence Assignments this Sat. 10/11 to 11/08/08

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  • tprla
    Attention: Licensed Private Investigators/Detectives: Our clients and firm express sincere thanks to all investigative professionals who participated on UFC 88
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2008
      Attention: Licensed Private Investigators/Detectives:

      Our clients and firm express sincere thanks to all investigative
      professionals who participated on UFC 88 (9/6), the South American
      World Cup Qualifier Tournament (9/6 – 9/10), and Casamayor v.
      Marquez (9/13/08). Theft of each event was significant, and all agents
      and operatives on surveillance should be commended.

      As we approach De La Hoya v. Pacquiao on December 6th, we have numerous
      piracy assignments this month and next:

      This Saturday, October 11th, we have a big show with excellent piracy
      potential when Showtime telecasts a compelling boxing Double-Header
      featuring Antonio Tarver in a rematch against Chad Dawson and the
      Nigerian heavyweight, Samuel Peter v. former World Champion, Vitali

      Then, on Saturday, October 18th, Kelly Pavlik defends his World
      Lightweight Championship against Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins in
      the biggest fight of Pavlik's young career. Commercial piracy of this
      broadcast will be exceptional.

      On Saturday, October 25th, we will be out in strength for UFC 90
      featuring Anderson Silva v. Patrick Cote, as UFC programming is a
      consistent moneymaker for our piracy investigators.

      Then, on Saturday, November 1st, we have our next "Latin Fury" show, and
      this one features Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., and Jorge Arce on the very
      same card.

      The following Saturday, November 8th, Undefeated Champion, Joe Calzaghe,
      takes on the legendary Roy Jones, Jr.

      If you really want to make money conducting signal piracy surveillance
      assignments, call our office or ask around:

      1. We pay better on each and every assignment than our "competition" and
      always have.

      2. We pay thousands of dollars annually in performance bonuses to our
      investigators in recognition of their production and services to our

      3. We keep piracy assignments simple: Never a log sheet and Never a
      certification. Your signature on a sworn affidavit is good enough for us
      and always has been.

      4. Experience. We've been at this longer than anybody still in this
      business, and have seen dozens of outfits come and go. Find out why.

      Look, if you want to drive around all day Sundays looking far and wide
      for bars showing off-market football games for little or no money, call
      the other guys. Our investigators make significant money Saturday nights
      so they can enjoy their weekends.

      If, however, you are the principal of a licensed agency, capable of
      providing surveillance services to the promotions industry on the
      biggest sporting events on television, take a minute to call or email
      us and join the professionals who truly lead the field.


      Jackie Cortez, Director of Investigations

      Law Offices of Thomas P. Riley, P.C.

      First Library Square
      1114 Fremont Avenue
      South Pasadena, CA 91030-3227

      Phone: (800) 590-5511; (626) 799-9797

      Fax: (866) 242-8905; (626) 799-9795

      TPRLA@... <mailto:TPRLA@...>

      Professional Member in Good Standing:




      "Proudly Serving the Closed-Circuit Industry Since 1994"

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