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Re: [infoguys-list] Please let me know if anyone has a product or service geared toward the PI industry or attorneys

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    Raymond...       Here s that info I wanted to send you:             I would like to Introduce myself, and our     Company, Confidential
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      Here's that info I wanted to send you:

      ��������� I would like to Introduce myself, and our
      ��� Company, Confidential Sources. We are located in
      ��� the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington state.
      ��������� We are Confidential Information Specialists,
      ��� specializing in hard to locate information/assets.
      ��� We have access to information in the USA, Canada,
      ��� and Mexico. With over 30 years of experience in
      ��� the information business we can access ANYthing
      ��� you need. Please call us, to get more info on our
      ��� services.
      ���� We are all Washington State Registered Process
      ��� Servers. Our charge for service of process is as
      ��� follows.
      ������� Pierce county: $65.00 plus .50 a mile
      ������� King county: $85.00 plus .50 a mile
      ������� Thurston county: $95.00 plus .50 a mile
      ������� Mason county: $105.00 plus .50 a mile
      ������� Snohomish county: $95.00 plus .50 a mile
      ������� Any other county, in Washington State will be
      ������� given a quote before service attempt. These
      ������� prices will cover two attempts at service.
      ���� We will also retrieve, or file documents in
      ���� these counties. Please inquire about the charges.
      ����� Field Contact service, we will make contact with
      ���� any person, or entity. We will go in person to
      ���� any address in the USA or CANADA, within 48 hours
      ���� of placing your order. Our network of agents are
      ���� professionals, who will hand deliver your contact
      ���� information directly to your subject. We also
      ���� will gather any information you need, such as
      ���� current contact info, property discriptions,
      ���� collateral condition, and photos if needed.
      ���� Please contact us for our current prices.

      ������� Confidential Sources
      POB 407
      SOUTH PRAIRIE, WA. 98385
      253-862-3037 Voice
      253-973-3113 Cell
      WA. REG. PROCESS SERVER #13888
      WDOR#602 138 029
      Member: International Process Servers Assoc.

      This is a brief Biography of Bill Hearn.

      ���� I started in the Air Force in 1975 as a Security
      ��� Policeman.
      ���� In 1977 I went thru Security Technical Services in
      ��� Oakland, Ca., a Detective/Security School.
      ���� That same year I started working for South City Collections
      ��� in South San Francisco,Ca.. I started as a Skip Tracer, and
      ��� Asset searchs were added to the job discription.
      ����� 1979 I worked for Sam Webster, Private Investigator in
      ��� San Francisco,Ca.. I started as a Store Agent, at a Retail
      ��� store in the city. I also did several Undercover operations
      ��� in Silicone Valley, for Theft, and Narcotics.
      ����� 1982 I worked for Lesser&Lesser Investigations, in Foster City,Ca.. I worked as a Special Agent, doing compensation
      ��� cases. I proformed Subrosa Survaillance from my vehicle.
      ����� 1984 I worked for for Liberty Bail Bonds in Dallas,Tx.
      ��� I was an in house Skip Tracer, locating Bail Jumpers.
      ����� 1986 I worked for North Highlands Recovery, a Repo Co.
      ��� in Sacramento,Ca.. I started as a Skip Tracer, and quickly
      ��� became a Recovery Agent.
      ����� 1988 I relocated to Seattle,Wa., and I have been working
      ��� for myself since. I have mainly specialized in Process
      ��� Serving,Judgment Recovery, Family Reunion, Asset/information
      ��� locates, Field contact services, and Bail Recovery services.
      ����� This is a brief discription of my experience, as a Skip
      ��� Trace/Information Specialist.
      Bill Hearn


      �������������� Here's that info:

      Scripts List
      1. CNA Script
      2. POB Break Script
      3. POE Script
      4. POE Script
      5. Insurance Script
      6. I.D. Fraud Script
      7. Video Rental Script
      8. Toll Record Script
      9. Safeway/Grocery Discount Script
      10. Utility Co. Script
      11. Repo Script
      12. Credit Card Script
      13. Name Removal Script
      14. Bank Acct. Script ( Not Availible )
      15. C# Plan Script
      These Scripts Are for Entertainment Purpourses ONLY.
      You should not use these Scripts for illegal
      you may go to JAIL.
      The price is $200.oo for the lot, or $30.oo ea.
      Please contact me for more info and Payment
      Bill Hearn
      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _
      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _
      �Here is what former private consultation students
      have to say, about this class.

      Regarding Bill Hearn:
      � I would like to recommend Bill Hearn's class to anyone interested in real estate.� His class taught me how to easily find hard-to-find property owners of abandon houses or out of town owners.� He has a wealth of resoures that will not only give you the owner's name, but names and phone numbers of relatives, friends, associates, affiliations and much more.� I was amazed!
      �� I have also used it to run background checks; criminal and credit (with proper authorization of course).
      �� He used the same resources to help another investor and I track down a con-man who had clouded up the title on a property we were working the short-sale on.� He was able to track him on his calling cards!
      �� Again, I would recommend you attend his class, it has been very helpful to me.
      Tawne Burgess
      NWREII Member and RE Investor
      (503) 381-9713

      I also was a student of Bill�s. In fact, I was
      Bill�s first private lesson just before he started
      doing the classes. Bill had a lot of good stuff to
      share. I spend a lot of time searching for people,
      and I only use a small fraction of what Bill told me.
      I don�t even bother to try that hard. If I can�t find
      them in the first few minutes, then I go on to the
      next one. If you really want to track down an
      abandoned homeowner or something, and are willing to
      put some time into it, then you will find many more
      than I do. I find way more than half the people I
      look for. I just have so many people on my list to
      find, that I don�t spend much time on any of them. I
      just go on to the next one.
      Tim Pears
      If the seller is gone and you need to find them, how
      do you do it? Well, you work on neighbors, relatives,
      utility companies, cable companies, friends and
      associates, I even ask the postman. If you have never
      done any of these things or don�t know how to find
      basic phone numbers for people that don�t want to be
      found, you need to learn some tricks of the trade. We
      use a lot of different techniques and most of them I
      learned from Bill or I call him to help me find them
      if I strike out. If you don�t work on it, you won�t
      find them. We work it and work it hard. I love
      people that have walked away, and I love finding them
      even more. Go to Bills seminar to learn his tricks of
      the trade, it�s not easy, but like anything else it
      pays to learn from professionals. Give Bill�s seminar
      a try! You won�t be sorry; most of his techniques are
      free services.
      Learn to skip trace, you won�t be sorry. If you need
      help finding someone call Bill, better yet, go to his
      seminar and learn it yourself.
      Jeff Divers
      Vivid Development
      I highly recommend Bill Hearn's Skip Trace workshop.
      He demonstrates how to locate absent property owners
      from the internet, and by phone, sometimes in minutes.
      During the class he located an owner I had been
      looking for in public records and telephone
      directories, and I was speaking with him on the phone
      within a few minutes.
      The cost of the class is minimal compared with the
      additional income pontential of finding these people.
      In addition, he offered to locate sellers for us, if
      we ever hit a dead-end in a search.
      Janice Smith
      I just wanted to tell everyone in the group, that if
      you can
      attend Bill Hearn's Skip Trace Workshop, you
      should attend. I attended
      a private consultation in Boise , Id. last
      month, and was amazed at the
      information he presented. My Boyfriend turned
      out to be a pretty good
      skip tracer. Bill taught us some amazing
      tricks, on how to find anyone.
      Lori Davis
      Benton City , Wa .
      Now being offered to the Real Estate Investor

      What: Learn how to locate any person or entity
      fast .... from abandoned property owners, lienholders,
      Probate locates, to unlawful detainer judgments.
      You will leave this workshop with the skills and knowledge of a seasoned "Skip Tracer."
      Areas to be covered include:
      *What is Skip Tracing?
      *Basic Research
      *Public Records
      *Free Data Searches Available
      Other areas covered:
      ����������������������������������������������������������������� *How to analyze the person you are looking for-"the skip".
      �Understanding of how each search differs and what to look for.
      What to look for and how to follow the trail until the person is found.

      *Discussion of how to use the tools available to professional skip tracers, to your utmost advantage.

      *We will discuss the least expected, BEST techniques used
      and some forgotten tips of the trade.
      *Learn the difference between "database" and "inside information".
      �We will discuss how to understand and process information from stored
      data bases and how to cross-reference with live data.
      *How to find resources and contacts--the absolute essential part of the "skip trace" process.
      Please Note: You must be aware and current with of all Laws, Regulations and Rules that may apply to your "skip trace" including local, state and federal levels. Your search must abide by mandated laws.
      Can't get access to confidential databases??
      Now, for the 1st time ever, YOU can!
      **Learn which Databases will give you permissible access for your project and more..........
      My name is Bill Hearn and I have been a Professional Skip Trace/Information Specialist since 1977. If the information exists, I can access it.

      This type of work is an art that requires patience, persistence, practice and creativity. I have taught this to many successful people. You will learn the latest techniques that Professional Information Brokers use.

      I have worked with several members of NWREII locating people who may, or may not have wanted to be found.

      What do you think it is worth to find somone who has abandoned their house and you want to buy it??
      What about a lienholder who can not be found?
      How can you close if someone has recorded a "cloud" on the title?

      These people need to be found. You don't want to wait until closing date-that may be too late.
      **The posted duration of the Skip Trace workshops are approxmate. It could be shorter or longer depending on the content and attendee participation. The providers reserve the right to cancel any workshop.**
      ***We encourage participants to bring open opportunities, that they, have exhausted all leads to locate the subject. We will demonstrate how skip tracing will increase your success, with actual Real Estate opportunities.� So bring your open opportunities to the workshop.***

      Date: Your Choice
      Time: Your Choice

      Location: Your Choice
      Cost: $250.oo first person�� $200.oo partner/spouse

      Payment can be made in the form of Check, Money Order.

      Check or Money Order may be mailed to:
      Bill Hearn
      POB 407
      South Prairie, Wa 98385

      Class size is limited to space available.
      For any questions or more information, please contact:
      Bill Hearn @ 253-862-3037 or Email:


      --- On Sat, 9/27/08, Raymond Miller Intelligentops.com <President@...> wrote:

      From: Raymond Miller Intelligentops.com <President@...>
      Subject: [infoguys-list] Please let me know if anyone has a product or service geared toward the PI industry or attorneys
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      Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008, 3:42 AM

      If anyone has a product or service geared toward PI's or Attorneys, please email me the website or email of the person in charge of marketing of those products or services. In addition, if you use a product or service and refer that product or service to us and they sign an advertising contract, we will pay you a sales commission of 10% and residuals of 5% paid immediately upon receipt of payment from the advertiser as long as the client is advertising with us. That could be a substantial moneymaker for someone who wants to make $50 for just connecting us to an advertiser and then $25 or more every quarter per advertiser. If interested in this opportunity, please email us at: advertise@criminald efensemagazine. com. The deadline for ad submissions is October 15th, 2008 for the November issue.

      We appreciate your assistance in this effort,

      Raymond A. Miller, CA PI 25445
      Intelligent Ops International, Inc.
      Post Office Box 718
      Yucca Valley, CA 92286

      Website: http://www.Intellig entops.com
      Online Store: http://store. intelligentops. com
      Free Print Magazine: http://www.criminal defensemagazine. com

      Member: PICA, CDIA and NAIS
      VP Public Relations: Toastmasters Word Warriors Club #9681


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