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Re: [infoguys-list] U.S. foreign policy question?

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  • Raymond Miller Intelligentops.com
    Sue, I respect your opinion, I don t agree with it but I respect it. As a member of the intelligence community, I believe I may understand a little more than
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 1, 2008

      I respect your opinion, I don't agree with it but I respect it. As a member of the intelligence community, I believe I may understand a little more than most about political issues since I look at it from a different perspective. I have spoken to you numerous times on the phone and you are one of those people who have an opinion about everything and espouse your political beliefs on others whether you think they agree with you or not.

      My opinion is what I posted and the blood that many have shed over the years through various wars at home and abroad allow you to concentrate a tirade on my liberal beliefs because they don't agree with yours. Those same rights allow me to answer posts in an open forum how I choose and that is what makes our country so great.

      As far as the confidentiality disclaimer, don't pick on everything that someone has in their signature line. You know as well as I do that a signature line is something that is used in posts not only for the public. Obviously, if I posted it in a public forum, then there is on reasonable expectation of privacy. I tire of answering your tirades which have become all to familiar.

      By the way, you turned my post into a political issue, I didn't.

      Have a wonderful afternoon,

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      From: John MacIntire <john@...>
      To: infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, August 1, 2008 12:00:21 PM
      Subject: RE: [infoguys-list] U.S. foreign policy question?

      Sue & the group! With mixed emotions, I wanted to state that I feel Sue
      nailed it, yet I am somewhat considerate that this may not be the forum
      for political speak! That said, her points regarding the State of the
      Union are right on and the general population of this United States of
      America better wake up or the left will get us all killed! History
      teaches us to learn from our mistakes, yet too many of us don't
      seemingly pay enough attention and are mislead by the MSM and those that
      talk down our wonderful country and all that we have to be thankful of.
      Why else do we have the volume of immigrants literally dying to enter
      this country, only to then listen to the press and the politicians tell
      us how bad we have it and how the world doesn't like us, the same world
      we for the most part have saved from tyrants, tsunamis, floods, and any
      number of other catastrophes, only to then listen to their media and
      governments disrespect us? They still cash those foreign aid checks,
      yet where does most of that money end up?

      I too served my country now 40 years ago in another conflict, one that
      the politicians both ran and then ran from, trashing the integrity and
      magnificence of the troops who served. Lots of my brothers and sisters
      and a whole lot of innocents since have paid an ugly price for wanting
      to be free and we better understand the current threat is nothing like
      we faced in Southeast Asia. Here again come the politicians and
      government bureaucrats that want to make nice, enter into dialog and
      wholly ignore the fatal jeopardy the United States and our few true
      allies face with the threat from not only the Middle East, but from
      within and our own elected officials and their minions.

      I won't stand by and no one else should allow this to go much further
      down the path of negativity and blame perpetrated by the media and the
      left! I will vote with a clear conscious and put forth every effort to
      show the United States of America for what it is and has been, the most
      powerful and righteous democracy on the planet. We make mistakes like
      anyone else yet we should stand proud of all the good we have
      accomplished and the absolutely phenomenal opportunities presented to us
      each and every day. We'll take care of ourselves and each other because
      heaven forbid if someone thinks government is going to do it for us.
      Most everyone apparently agrees what with Congress and their single
      digit approval rating! And we elect these people?


      John MacIntire

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      From: infoguys-list@ yahoogroups. com
      [mailto:infoguys-list@ yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of suesarkis@aol. com
      Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 11:24 AM
      To: infoguys-list@ yahoogroups. com
      Subject: Re: [infoguys-list] U.S. foreign policy question?

      Dear Mr. Miller:

      Since Mr. de LA CUETARA never said anything about that which you
      referred to
      when you inserted, "As far as the "Weapons of Mass Destruction, " it is
      obvious you chose to also make this a political platform.

      Your orders to go to Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein had absolutely
      nothing to
      do with Osama bin Laden as all attention was directed to Hussein.
      Osama bin Laden is, in fact, a big threat to the entire non-muslim
      Saddam had the tons of yellow-cake. Say what you want, the world all
      read and
      relied on the same intelligence information and the fact that Saddam's
      were lying to him in the inter-departmental memos because they were
      the stuff was not something any nation's Intelligence dreamed possible.
      fact still remains he was a threat and now he's gone at the hands of his

      I believe that someday the War in Iraq will go down in the history books
      equally important if not moreso than WWII. You are not hearing about the

      wonderful things going on in Iraq today because the liberal news media
      will not
      report the good, they only report the negative and the aberrant in all
      of life.

      The war has not killed our economy, liberalism has. We have become a
      "service" nation rather than a "production" nation. No one wants to
      start out
      slinging hash, they all want to be the head chef. We have raised two
      generations of irresponsible ingrates, for the most part, who have
      nothing on their
      mind but instant self gratification. Parents routinely give children
      whatever they want and will pay exhorbitant amounts of money for
      designer jeans,
      purses, etc. for their children without their children as much as having
      to do
      a chore. For the most part, earned allowances are no longer given but
      "at will" and "on demand" payments.

      If you knew anything about economics, you would understand that Congress
      the President devalued the American dollar to keep us alive in the
      international trade market. If no country can afford our exports, we
      would go
      bankrupt. We're close to that now because our imports far exceed
      threefold our
      exports. We do not grow all of our own produce any longer as most of our
      and vegetables are imported. We do not manufacture our own clothing any
      longer since we can by Hong Kong made for a few dollars less while
      toppling our internal balances. No one wants to work the assembly lines
      reasonable wages but rather have the unions demanding more money and
      benefits for
      their workers than college degreed professionals get. The regular
      cashier gets more annual income including benefits per year than my best

      friend who is an RN in charge of the O.R. at Glendale Adventist Medical
      Steelworkers and dock workers net more than doctors and dentists. This
      wrong. Unions are the bane of this nation but everyone wants too much
      themselves and screw the nation. Americans buy foreign cars, foreign
      clothing, and foreign grown produce and one can't help but wonder why
      isn't a heck of a lot higher than it is.

      The policies put into play in the mid-90's coupled with NAFTA have
      outsourced millions of our jobs. Those policies are biting us in the ass
      today and
      they are what has caused the American deficit. We import more things
      that we
      used to grow at home and make and design ourselves per year than what
      entire war has cost to date !!!!! Check it out.

      Then we have the current situation with the gas crisis. Well, we've done

      that to ourselves also. I've been to India, I've been to Malaysia and
      Indonesia, I've been to Sri Lanka and I've been to Hong Kong, just to
      name a few.
      Very few people in those countries had cars and most rode bicycles
      because they
      couldn't afford cars nor the gas. Shoot, gas cost me $6/gal in Germany
      1990 and $8/gal in India in 1984. Regardless, we, by our outsourcing,
      paying these people decent wages and they are ALL buying cars. As
      stated on The Today Show, China has a multi-million waiting list for
      vehicles and
      1,000 new cars PER DAY are being added to the streets of Beijing.
      percentages are occurring in India and Malaysia. It's the law of "supply
      demand" and if we keep our services outsourced and do NOT process that
      we have in ANWR and the Bakken, we are in for some very serious days
      We have more oil than all of Saudi Arabia right here in America but the
      Democratic Congress with Murtha, Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, Feinstein, Obama
      and the
      other liberals constantly voting in the negative for such actions, are
      to sell us down the drain !!!!

      We brought this on ourselves and only we, with some serious attitude
      adjustments, can correct it. Turn off the damn lights that you are not
      using. Quit
      wasting water. Our resources are limited and we have 1.5 times more
      in this country today then when I was a young adult. When you go from
      1.5 to
      3 million people and the natural resources are limited in that God only
      us have but so much rain, for instance, then you are going to be limited
      drinking water.

      We are going to be eaten alive by our enemy and we are too dumb to see
      although the ton of bricks have already fallen. We limit our families as
      felt the world was over populated and we no longer have many children.
      At the
      same time our enemy have multiple wives and vast numbers of children.
      Remember, Osama bin Laden is one of 55 children to his father.

      In closing, Mr. Miller, I have two questions to ask as obviously I am
      familiar with some laws that you are. What law anywhere says that once
      send something addressed to me which is personally addressed to me, that
      it is
      possibly subject to attorney-client privilege and that if I share the
      information with anyone that I might possibly be criminally or civilly
      If there is a law that says that I am not free to do whatever I so
      choose with
      mail that is personally addressed to me, please provide that information
      I have the need to know. Also, once a member of the attorney-client
      privilege team has gone outside the team disseminating the information,
      please tell
      me what law states that it is still considered privileged information?

      Sincerely yours,
      ____________ _________ ___
      Sue Sarkis Detective Agency

      (est. 1976)
      PI 6564
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      "one Nation under God"

      If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read it in English,
      a military veteran

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    • Salvatore F. Alioto
      Sue, As usual, you are the BOMB . I love it when you get going. Sal ************ Discreetly Addressing Your Private Needs ************ Salvatore F. Alioto
      Message 2 of 7 , Aug 1, 2008

        As usual, you are the "BOMB".

        I love it when you get going.


        ************ Discreetly Addressing Your Private Needs ************

        Salvatore F. Alioto

        Owner/Operator Able Shamus Investigations

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        --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, suesarkis@... wrote:
        > Dearest Mr. de LA CUETARA:
        > For starters I will emphasize the fact that this is the WRONG forum
        for this
        > inquiry and I'm very upset that it was allowed to post. However, since
        > asked, I will take the time to answer while stating unequivocally that
        > are the dumbest attorney on the planet if you truly do not know the
        > 1) Yes, America has two kinds of United States citizenships; a)
        > b) naturalization
        > All citizens of the United State of America have the same rights and
        > privileges and most of those rights and privileges are also extended
        to lawful
        > visitors. I cannot help it if you misunderstand the premise.
        > The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a self-governing, unincorporated
        > territory of the United States. They are a possession and not a state
        because that
        > is what the taxpaying voters of PUERTO RIO voted for. The citizens of
        > repeatedly vote down Statehood. Puerto Rico has a republican form of
        > which is headed by your Governor. You have your courts. You have your
        > bicameral legislative assembly similar to ours. If you feel that you
        are ruled by
        > some form of slavery laws, take it up with your legislature. If it is
        > Americans will rally in your defense as we ALWAYS do. Complain to your
        > political parties, i.e., the PNP, the PPD, or the PPR. This forum
        cannot help you.
        > By the way, I thought Puerto Ricans could vote in our primaries. Did
        > not have such an opportunity? That's more privilege than our other
        > get.
        > 1b) Any human being who dies as part of our military defending the
        > States of America will have a coffin draped in an American flag
        regardless of
        > where they are from.
        > 2) We do not have the AMIGO system as most latino regions do. El
        payola is
        > against the law. The American Embassies and consulates throughout the
        > provide a list of local attorneys as a common courtesy to their
        citizens. If
        > you believe that your name is being omitted for failure to pay "el
        > or that others are there because they did pay "el payola" then protest
        to your
        > Congressional Rep and if that doesn't work, write to the United States
        > Ambassador directly.
        > It is my understanding and belief that the Consulate will list anyone
        who so
        > requests as long as they speak fluent English.
        > 3. The United States Department of States cannot make any
        > whether for legal service or simple service of process. Also, in this
        > and age, most people are readily adept at Internet searching. If
        anyone is
        > suggesting (without recommendation) any particular service provider,
        that is
        > against the law and should be reported.
        > If you want to vote in our elections, apply for US citizenship. If you
        > preferential treatment on the attorney referral list, apply for US
        > citizenship as their names are listed first.
        > Sincerely yours,
        > Sue
        > ________________________
        > Sue Sarkis
        > Sarkis Detective Agency
        > (est. 1976)
        > PI 6564
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        > "one Nation under God"
        > If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read it in English,
        > a military veteran
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      • Glad4JC@aol.com
        I came in at the tail end of this discussion but something comes to mind. What do we REALLY know about what is going on in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere
        Message 3 of 7 , Aug 1, 2008
          I came in at the tail end of this discussion but something comes to mind.
          What do we REALLY know about what is going on in Afghanistan or Iraq or
          anywhere other than our own back yard. We cannot believe the media, they slant,
          evade, shade and at times block the truth in so many situations. The media
          takes on a life of its own and becomes its own news often with blatant
          disregard for the facts. Focus is on speculation, interest groups, sensationalism and
          so on.

          Having said that, how can we really evaluate our success or failure in these
          countries where we have invested our soldiers, money and safety. Toby Keith
          said something on Glenn Beck tonight that hit me, "if you are going to base
          your opinion about who to vote for on a singer then shame on you" my

          Last night he said how can we judge what is going on in these countries, it
          is the military that is the best judge of what is going on. First of all why
          are these reservists redeploying for two and three tours when they could make
          a whole lot more money at home at their careers. They are seeing results of
          their sacrifice, not all of them are involuntary redeployments.

          I hate war, as most of us do, soldiers most of all. Our military is doing
          much more than war over in these countries, they are involved in all kinds of
          works of compassion, education, training, intelligence etc.

          I would have liked it better if Congress had declared war, as the
          constitution stipulates as far as my understanding goes. I would have liked it better
          if George Sr had finshed off Sadaam Hussain the first time. I would also
          have liked it better if we would have gone after Saudi Arabia where 11 of the
          Hijackers were from and where Osama Bin Laden is from. I do believe that Yemen
          needs to be dealt with too, since women are dying over there because of
          crimes against humanity, such as being killed by their own brothers due to loss
          of honor after being raped. Any country who sews up women's body parts and
          commits inhumane crimes against a people group like in Sudan needs to be set
          free from the evil government.

          There is a lot we could be doing but we cannot save the world, we have a
          huge deficit and we are in debt to countries we don't need to be in debt too, we
          should be lenders not debtors, that is going to cost us our freedom after we
          have spent all this time and money trying to help others achieve freedom.

          I think there is a balance here, either extreme view is not going to solve
          anything. I just watched a very long commercial about saving the polar bear
          because of global warming, asking for money. Yet we are killing babies like
          crazy every day.

          We are a society full of contradictions.

          One thing I do want to say is that I don't think it is proper for anyone to
          start posting what you shared with someone in private communication. Those
          phone calls were private and should stay private.

          I personally do NOT agree with everything Sue says, but what I do respect is
          that she is willing to listen, take phone calls with all her physical
          challenges, her work load and she is not afraid to let controversial subjects go
          through as a moderator. I think it is ok to disagree but Sue as well as all of
          us should be respectful, and keep the dialogue friendly. We all have
          political ideals some of which get shattered at different points in life, but I
          think we all love our country, that is one thing I see in this industry is a lot
          of patriotism.


          Gladys Brierley
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