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  • SlipinN
    Hi Rick, That was the Murder of Wendy Kratzert. The actual case was done a few years prior to that film. Court TV shot the footage in 2005. I started like most
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      Hi Rick,

      That was the Murder of Wendy Kratzert. The actual case was done a few years prior to that film. Court TV shot the footage in 2005. I started like most of us do by gathering information on the victim and her life. I was especially interested in the last 30 days prior to her death. I had the husband (My client) collect all the phone bills from the NC residence in order to research who her circle of associates were that summer. I also made a list of everyone the victim knew or visited with. I engaged the client in several hours of story telling about their life, dinners they attended, known distracter's, best friends, work connections and a ton of other seemingly irrelevant piece's of information. Interviewed everyone in Florida I could get my hands on.
      The victim actually lived here in Florida but spent her summers in NC.
      I learned that all was not Camelot in the Kratzert marriage and in fact the husband was very possessive of her.
      I did my homework before ever going to NC and found a strange relationship between the victim and her neighbors across the street in Florida. I found Tom Harrison ,the neighbor had a criminal history and had been involved in the drug business. I made a few calls to neighbors in NC and found that two weeks prior to Wendy's death a couple from Florida had paid her a visit and in fact stayed with her a few days. The victim was murdered about two weeks after they left.

      I informed my client I suspected Tom Harrison was involved in her death. Three days later after telling my client this, Tom Harrison's boat was found burning at sea and he was presumed dead. I thought that was a strange event and knowing his profile I felt he had somehow learned I had him under the microscope and faked his death. I turned a suspicious eye towards my own client. I had a run in with Tom Harrison once in the past so he knew a little about me and my work and I knew more about him than he would have liked.
      A visit to the Marine Patrol confirmed that they felt the fire was started on purpose. An accelerant was used.
      Once I got to NC, I started talking to the victims neighbors and confirmed that a couple had stayed with the victim two weeks prior to her death. They had noticed this because the victim always made the man go outside on the back porch to smoke. The faded butts I found there matched the brand that Tom Harrison smoked.

      Checking rental car records I found that Harrison had returned to Florida just after his trip to NC but rented a second car and left again.
      His second trip was consistent with the time frame the victim was murdered. I did a lot of work in this case and way to much to lay out in an email. During the case I also discovered a second murder by Harrison that was unrelated. At the time this victim was listed as "Missing" but later it was confirmed he was killed by Harrison.

      The case was solved the old way, by people contacts, time lines, circles of contact, and starting at time of death and working in reverse constructing the victims last few weeks of life. I worked it in reverse and I worked it forward. I took statements, dug out records, traced cars, and yes even picked up cigarette butts.

      I went to the murder scene and became Harrison, then became the victim. I drove the route the killer took. Timed it,did it in reverse,ditched the van, ran from the scene..on and on..
      In the end the main suspect was my own client. I thought about the irony of that,and then fulfilled my duty.
      After all he had hired me to solve the murder.
      Harrison was spotted by police and arrested on insurance fraud. I called my client and let him know.
      I also told my client that the Police would be coming to pay him a visit and surely Harrison would now sing like bird. I told him that knowing Harrison, he would roll over and spill everything he knew and of course lay the blame elsewhere BUT the facts would come out and some other person would ride the lightning.

      I rattled the client on purpose because I felt my own client was behind the kill. As soon as the police knocked on his door, he spilled his guts.. in the end Harrison, his wife, and my client were all convicted.
      I did a lot more in this case and it has been many years now but I can tell you this. It did not involve a computer report. It was done one day at a time, one lead at a time and what most today would call "old school". It took place over a period of about 6 months of hands on investigation.
      They found the bones of Todd Borrer in Harrison's pond where he had been chopped up and sunk under the water in Harrison's front yard. Todd was the "Missing person" I discovered during the investigation. Tod had been killed about 2 months before Wendy Kratzert.

      I don't know where Tom Harrison is today he had cancer pretty bad in prison last I knew and not expected to live .
      I expect he is in Hell by now,and rightfully so. So be it.

      Best regards,


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      > Rick,
      > That was very well said and most professional. I have seen your
      work over the years and your reputation speaks for itself. Well said
      and well done!

      And, I forgot to mention Chuck. But, Chuck is another person that I
      have learned from. And an EXCELLENT P.I.. I had no idea how
      proficient Chuck is for a while, because he is very quiet and
      reserved on these groups. But about a year ago, I saw a Documentary
      on a murder case he worked. And he worked that case PERFECTLY. It was
      a case that actually started in North Carolina. I know you remember
      it, Chuck. That case illustrated a superior skill set in our
      industry, and Chuck made our industry shine with that case. Wish
      you'd tell us all a little about it Chuck. People here could learn
      from it. As I remember it, Chuck basically used all of the "old
      school techniques" to solve that case, just good old fashioned "shoe
      leather sleuthing", and was far more effective than any "computer
      geek" could have hoped to have been. Would that be accurate, Chuck?

      Chuck is probably not as "verbal" on the groups as others, probably
      because he does not like to "make waves". But Chuck is "old school",
      a completely stand up guy, and he knows P.I. work like nobody's
      business. I just don't know if he is using a cane, eye glasses, or an
      oxygen tank to get around with these days...? LOL. Just poking fun at
      ya Chuck.


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