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Re: [infoguys-list] FBI: New Internet Threat Growing

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  • Glad4JC@aol.com
    This is an excellent point. Now I am wondering about cp or kp on some computers, it seems to me that you would be able to prove that this was downloaded by a
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2008
      This is an excellent point. Now I am wondering about cp or kp on some
      computers, it seems to me that you would be able to prove that this was downloaded
      by a bot or trojan etc, or someone using the system or email client for
      sinister purposes. Has this come into your scope of investigations. Are you
      saying the FBI does not take this in consideration or occasionally there is a
      glitch in the system that someone would wrongfully be arrested and charged with
      possession of cp or kp. This is a major concern for those of us in the
      predator hunting work not to get infected or how far to go in accessing threat
      level when emails have pics in them or web sites are sent by predators. It is
      a very delicate situation. In my situation if I get anything like that I
      have to call the FBI or someone in LE nearby to come get that crap off my
      computer and prove how it got there to protect myself. I continue to believe if we
      had an army of moms doing this work under the supervision of legal
      authorities we would be able to find missing abducted children in the cp rings and get
      the culprits. We need an army to police these rings sites and exchanges in
      private chat and other places. There is not enough LE and FBI to do it, they
      are completely overwhelmed.

      In a message dated 3/24/2008 2:11:44 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      rmriinc@... writes:

      That's a good article Sue. It would be nice to see more people educated
      about these types of issues. My concern is not with the botnets being used for
      DoS types of attacks, but rather how the people that are taking control of
      other people computers can and sometimes do use the targeted system to store
      illegal content that they would not want found on their own systems. I have seen
      a few cases where people were charged for possession of such content, and
      then it is determined that they really did not download such content. One such
      case was a client that I was able to show was punched in at work, when the
      content was downloaded to his computer.

      It's kind of funny that the FBI acknowledges on one hand the existence of
      such threats, and on the other hand does not try to confirm or even seem to
      acknowledge that such a threat may have been employed against an unknowing
      person in investigatins into illegal content that is found on a subject's
      computer. When you take into account that most computer users just use their
      computers for casual Internet browsing and checking email (and this is the extent of
      their knowledge about computers), it is easy to see how they can become the
      victim someone that might store such content on their computer.


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