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I'm not a Private Investigator

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  • the_boldens
    Jeff I am not a private investigator. Many genealogists are however private investigators. I think that you would be better served on this list to read
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2008
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      Jeff I am not a private investigator. Many genealogists are however
      private investigators. I think that you would be better served on this list
      to read doing your own research prior to posting.

      A few weeks/months ago, I did however take on a scam artist protecting the
      list. Not one person on the list had the courage to expose this person
      politely. The person was attempting to get money for a breast cancer
      patient. The facts were all wrong. I hate scams, con artists. Thank God
      all mighty this lady was cured by early detection of breast cancer. The
      cancer was caught prior to it spread. I'm a breast cancer survivor. I knew
      and understood what this person was writing. I wish you could see my posts.
      I responded in a professional way yet informed. I reviewed your posts with
      the hopes of learning how to detect drugs and alcohol when one is writing.
      I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed I could not detect the drugs and
      alcohol embedded in you post.

      I suggest that you lay back and allow persons to vent without responding.
      These are hard time and I've seen some of the same professionals respond in
      positive ways. We sometimes need someone to punch.

      I have a great new job opportunity that I am an expert. I don't dare post
      to the list asking for help. I stumbled upon this job opportunity by
      accident. I'm gonna find a list that will allow me to post and accept the
      fact that I'm not perfect. I know that this job requires the services of a
      private instigator. I have spent many hours doing my research. Most
      genealogists are accustomed to doing research. Last month I got a 91 year
      old lady a delayed birth certificate.
      I received such a cutting edge tax deal that I could not comprehend what I
      received. I'm not a CPA. I am now entering stage two of this new company.
      After having a Certified Public Accountant translate my results. Now I'm
      trying to locate an Attorney to get a letter drafted. I have already
      drafted the letter. My letter is so cutting edge, that the CPA wants a copy
      of my letter. Please write me privately if you know a tax attorney. My CPA
      is in meetings as we speak leaning what I wrote in my letter. He understands
      as does my friend who spends 24/7 working on her credit.
      You guys need to come to gather and be nice to one another sharing
      information in a polite and courteous manor. Remember I'm not a Private
      Investigator but know that there will be times that I require your services.

      List members please excuse me for my writing style. I type and my brain
      tells my fingers what to display to you. Please by all means ask for clarity
      if you encounter a sentence that you don't understand. I'm one of those
      child's that was left behind list. I know the parts of speech, hear it,
      but make writing mistakes. I got 4 points in college English and my College
      punctuation class but I suffer from typo and things that spell check doesn't
      correct. I hire proof readers when I require politically correct

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