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2008 Introduction from G.E. Investigations

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  • G.E. Investigations, LLC
    Greetings & salutations to all, The President and Senior Investigator of G.E. Investigations, LLC has served his country in the United States Marine Corps and
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      Greetings & salutations to all,

      The President and Senior Investigator of G.E. Investigations, LLC has
      served his country in the United States Marine Corps and is a proud
      American! He is a New York City trained investigator with over 23
      years experience behind him, beginning his career in 1985, working as
      a criminal investigator out of the Bronx Supreme Courthouse and also
      has worked three years of undercover in the roughest neighborhoods of
      New York City... Then moved to the dangerous Art Deco streets of
      South Florida. Now based in Phoenix, Arizona, G.E. investigations,
      LLC is committed to providing you with professional investigative and
      business intelligence services in an accurate, detailed, and timely

      G.E. Investigations, LLC has a wide variety of investigative services
      and experience which allows us the unique ability to custom manage
      your case, to meet your specific needs effectively and efficiently.
      We truly have the equipment that will get the job done! INTERNATIONAL
      Background Checks can be conducted by operatives local to the region
      or area of over eighty (80) countries through our network of
      licensed, qualified and credentialed investigators, we have contacts
      on the ground worldwide... ready to serve.

      G.E. Investigations, LLC specializes and are EXPERTS in High Tech
      Video & 35mm Surveillance. We utilize an array of custom encased and
      Covert Cameras, GPS and more. We also perform a wide spectrum of
      Criminal Investigations (ie: RICO, "STALKER" cases, Narcotics,
      Homicides, Telephonic & Terroristic Threats to Persons & Property,
      Sexual Assaults, etc), International Child Recovery & Missing
      Persons, Civil Investigations (ie: matrimonial / cheating spouse or
      significant other, background checks, insurance & workman's
      compensation, vandalism), Computer Crimes (ie: MySpace), Electronic
      Surveillance Countermeasures (Sweep Team), Computer Research, Bail
      Bond Pickups / Indemnitor Order of Surrender. G.E. Investigations has
      also been involved professionally in the bail recovery business,
      since 1997.

      G.E. Investigations, LLC has access to many proprietary information
      sources and databases for information and business intelligence
      services that we offer to both corporate and private clients. We
      utilizes the same databases that law enforcement agencies such as
      Federal, State, and Local police rely upon to collect detailed
      information on an individual, as well as businesses worldwide (ie: in-
      depth background checks, pre-employment verifications, due dilligence
      on a partner, contractor, builder, vendor, tenant screenings and more.

      G.E. Investigations, LLC can also provide drug-testing solutions to
      meet your organization's specific needs relating to drugs in the work
      place. You're companies "Bottom-Line" is affected daily by employee
      theft, corporate espionage, stalking, litigation and more.

      When you need real evidence, we can provide an advanced covert
      undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or a
      complex undercover "sting" operation that will hold up in court. We
      customize each case, whether it's a undercover operation, a hidden
      camera surveillance, or traditional surveillance... G.E.
      Investigations are THE EXPERTS you need!


      George Eleftheriou, Sr. Investigator
      G.E. Investigations, LLC
      866.3ISPY4U (866-347-7948)
      602.266.ISPY (602-266-4779)
      520.7ISPY4U (520-747-7948)
      AIM / ICQ: DetectiveGE
      Yahoo: GeInvestigations
      AZ# 1003249
      "Giving you... Just the Facts!"
      Semper Fidelis!
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