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yvonne's leg-comments so far

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    here are some comments so far.. does anytone have any additional thoughts or comments on the responses, so far? thanks, amy #1 When my son was 4 he jumped
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2008
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      here are some comments so far.. does anytone have any additional thoughts or
      comments on the responses, so far?



      When my son was 4 he jumped out of a swing at preschool and hurt his arm.
      They x-rayed him from just below the elbow down and stated it was not broken.
      They put his wrist & forearm in a splint and called it a sprain. My son became
      left handed...he just refused to use that arm and was in severe pain if you
      twisted the splint in any way. So.....I took him back and made them recheck
      it. They x-rayed the elbow and he had broken the end of his ulna off. Then I
      took him to a pediatric orth. physician. I read medical records every day and
      doctors are not gods. You have to be a responsible parent and/or patient.
      The pediatrician could have personally called the orthopod. Maybe through a
      personal phone call, that doctor would have been able to clear his/her
      schedule for a referral patient.

      2. The othopod should have said she was not familiar with pediatric cases.

      3. The orthopod should have listened to the patient whose complaint of
      thigh and knee pain may have suggested a more comprehensive evaluation. Since
      the thigh is between the hip and knee, an x-ray of the hip should have been

      4. The pediatrician suspected a tumor in the knee. Since one was not
      found, the orthopod should have at that point x-rayed the hip. The orthopod did
      the minimal amount of work. Had she been more thorough, she would have found
      the tumor.


      Yvonne should have undergone an MRI, plus a cat scan

      How can any doctor rely on just X-Rays is beyond me!I I was almost passed
      over because a so called Doctor said I needed an operation for a deviated
      Septum when in reality I had a Brain Tumor!
      I thank God every day that my little MD sent me for the MRI after a Ct scan
      showed' Something'

      I myself was 47 years old at the time,an I didn't know what to do!

      To ignore a teenager's complaints of pain is Criminal!

      Far too many doctors just routinely go through an exam and never get to
      the bottom of the problem. Every thing is Test,Test Test!
      When was the last time a doctor took the time to ask you your complete
      medical history an that of your Family?
      So many times this has a part of why you are sick!

      Wow. I think Yvonne is actually in a great position (legally speaking) and
      the defendant better evaluate their exposure a little more carefully. A
      specialist does not honestly expect to be able to rely on "subjective"
      complaints, i.e. (patient complains of knee pain) and stay focused on that area. They
      are the SPECIALIST, and ER doctor takes the Subjective complaint, Objective
      signs, makes an Assessment and Plan. It's the SOAP method. A specialist
      takes all the subjective data (patient claims, patient reports, etc.) and They
      objectively investigate, assess, plan. This ortho was merely an Urgent Care
      practicioner. And then to cancel the appointment due to insurance status? We
      treat patients not payments... The too busy specialist who referred it to
      another colleague had better learn a lesson here, what would they have
      x-rayed? The Standard was breached, and that girl is entitled to her payday.

      I'd like to know what ortho group it was so that my children never go to
      narrow minded specialists....



      I'd go after the doctor, assuming that her pediatrician sent
      her there because of complaints about her THIGH & KNEE, The
      orthopedist states that Yvonne only complained about her knee
      hurting, but the referral was done because the knee and thigh were
      hurting. The orthopedist's diagnosis was hamstring tendinitis which
      usually only involves pain in the knee. Since there was pain in the
      thigh, she should have ran other tests.

      I wonder how much the orthopedist cares about her patients if she
      refuses to see a patient because her office was too lazy to call the
      pediatrician who referred her to them for an extension of the
      original authorization. As far as I know once an authorization is
      given followups are allowed. Did the orthopedist's staff actually
      call either the pediatrician or the insurance company before
      summarily sending Yvonne home?

      I gather the bit about the titanium is the orthopedist acknowledging
      she screwed up and is trying to mitigate damages. As far as I can
      tell both techniques are approved. There is not enough detail on the
      operations. I gather only part of the femur was replaced but
      problems developed. If the femur was weakened from the cancer I
      don't know how using titanium would have reduced the risk of the bone
      re-fracturing. Of course a complete femur replacement cold have been
      done, but does anyone really want to replace a good hip socket on a
      teenager given that the original socket is superior to anything we
      have been able to come up with. You are not talking about replacing
      a defective socket on a sixty year old who might only use it twenty
      years but a teenager who will be using it sixty plus years. I don't
      think there is a clear cut case that the procedure the oncologist did
      causes a reduction in damages to the orthopedist.

      On a final note, anytime I have been referred to a specialist, the
      necessary portions of my file or a summary have been shipped to the
      specialist. This allows a doctor to doctor interaction not just a
      patient doctor interaction with two people who have no history


      A physician should NEVER assume that just because a
      patient complains of pain in one certain part of their
      body, that the actual problem lies there within.
      Many problems tend to actually be somewhere else, but
      somehow the pain winds up in a different place.
      Aren't we always told that when you indigestion, DO
      NOT assume it is your stomach?? It could be a sign of
      a heart attack.

      My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. How was
      it detected...by a blood clot in her foot! Now
      whoever would think that something so low in your body
      was an indication that something was awry in your
      pancreas? When I was told that, I was shocked. I was
      informed that this was one of the first signs that
      needed to be explored because of a potential
      connection between her problem in her foot and the
      pancreas. How amazing, considering the fact that I
      had been in the medical profession for 17 years.

      Shame on that doctor for making a wrong guess, for not
      taking it one step further and for causing so much
      grief for this poor child and her family. This was NO
      captain of the ship!


      The ortho's use of bone instead of titanium is not a varience from protocol
      is a choice he or she makes to get the desired outcome. The ortho that did
      get x-rays of hip will say that she was only treating the knee pain and had
      pt. returned she would have looked for other cause.


      My response to this case summary is that I agree with Yvonne's case summary.
      Reason being is that my son is in the military and he is experiencing knee
      pain. He had numerous tests done on his knees and they can't seem to find
      anything wrong. They now want him to get out of the army or take a desk job
      because his knee problems hinder his ability to do his job as a combat medic.

      Instead of trying to find the source of the problem, they are now giving him
      narcotics for pain and basically his walking papers even though he doesn't
      want to give up his army career. I feel that either the doctors are
      uneducated/unqualified when they make these diagnoses, they are too lazy to do follow
      up testing OR they think that the pain someone feels is all just in the
      patients head.


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