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Yvonne's leg

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    Please give your opinion on this case. I will donate $5 for each opinion to Tyler Edmund s defense fund. Also please have your friends and family respond
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
      Please give your opinion on this case. I will donate $5 for each opinion to
      Tyler Edmund's defense fund. Also please have your friends and family
      respond to this as well so we can really fund his defense.

      Yvonne, a 14 year old female, was referred to an orthopedist by her
      pediatrician for evaluation of knee pain. The pediatrician thought perhaps
      the cause
      of her pain could be a bone tumor although she was not certain. Yvonne
      and thigh pain on and off for several months which would wake her at night.

      Her pain was unrelated to any trauma or accident. The orthopedist who the
      pediatrician referred Yvonne to was too busy to see Yvonne and another
      orthopedist in the group saw Yvonne. On the first and only visit the
      D.O. took an x-ray of Yvonne’s knee (only). She did not take an x-ray of
      hip/femur. The orthopedist, D.O. diagnosed her condition as hamstring
      tendonitis. The orthopedist told Yvonne that she would continue to have
      pain on
      and off for several months. Yvonne went to therapy and did not return to
      orthopedist, D.O. Four months later Yvonne’s leg fractured. A bone tumor
      Yvonne’s leg caused her thigh bone (femur) to fracture. Yvonne has had
      numerous surgeries to correct her orthopedic condition caused from the
      Fortunately, the cancer has not returned.
      Yvonne’s Position:
      1. The orthopedist should have taken x-rays of the femur/hip not just
      her knee and the x-ray would have revealed the tumor in her femur.
      2. If the tumor was discovered when the orthopedist first saw Yvonne
      prognosis would be better and she would have had a much better orthopedic
      3. Yvonne’s knee pain was caused from referred pain from the bone tumor

      in her femur. In twenty (20%) percent of adolescents that complain of
      non-traumatic knee pain the cause of the pain is not actually from the knee
      but rather, it is from other medical conditions located in the hip or
      For example, stress fractures in the hip/femur, low back problems, other
      problems, tumors.
      As such, the standard of care requires that on day one, an x-ray of the
      femur/hip should be taken on any adolescent patient that complains of
      non-traumatic knee pain to rule out a serious life threatening condition in
      4. Orthopedist admits that she does not have a great deal of experience
      in treating pediatric orthopedics patients. She is not a pediatric
      Defendant’s Position:
      1. Yvonne never complained of thigh pain and therefore the orthopedist
      didn’t need to x-ray the femur/hip.
      2. Yvonne should have returned to see the orthopedist. Orthopedist
      scheduled an appointment for Plaintiff to return but the orthopedist
      refused to
      see Yvonne since Yvonne’s insurance authorization from her primary care
      physician had expired.
      3. Yvonne’s pain was caused from overuse of her leg from sports and the
      tumor probably didn’t cause the pain in Yvonne’s knee.
      4. The cancer specialist who operated on Yvonne and saved her leg and
      life is at fault because he should have used a titanium implant in the
      instead of an allograft (cadaver bone from a bone bank) when operating on
      leg. Had he used the titanium she would have had a better orthopedic

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