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Re: [infoguys-list] AGAIN... COP KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY!!

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  • Dave
    I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family and department for the officer in Florida that was shot on the same day as the funeral for an
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2007
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      I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family and department for the officer in Florida that was shot on the same day as the funeral for an officer here in Philadelphia. I would also like to say thank you to everyone that took the time to come to the funeral. According to news reports almost 1000 "Brothers in arms" showed up to pay their last respects to Officer Cassidy of the 35th District of the Philadelphia Police Department. I was there myself and was happy to see that so many felt they had to be there. While I agree that "Vigilantism" is not the answer I would like to remind everyone in Law Enforcement no matter what the position may be "Situational Awareness" is your best defense against being attacked. Please remember to practice it at all times whether on duty or off. Also remember if something does not "feel right" don't be afraid to request backup from anyone that may be able to help you even if they may not be at the same level of Law Enforcement
      as you are.

      Dave in Phila
      LWTA 235 Certified Agent

      "G.E. Investigations, LLC" <thesquad@...> wrote:

      It is with my deepest regret to annouce that AGAIN... A COP WAS

      I am proclaiming to you now, as I have to close friends before...
      This has to stop!
      It is my personal opinion that, It is time to wage war on these
      perpetrators. If you point a gun at or threaten a Police Officer,
      Deputy, Detective, Agent, Constable, Investigator and others in
      related fields, including Private Investigators, Bail Agent, Process
      Servers, Repo Men and Security Officers... YOU DESERVE TO DIE.

      And while I understand that there are laws that are set to prosecute
      those who dare to commit the ULTIMATE CRIME, they are impotent and
      have done no good. I am not suggesting "Vigilantism", only that we
      need to meet aggression with aggression.

      Constructively, I do suggest Awareness, Training/ Continuing
      Education, and ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE for those animals who attack

      Please read the sad details of this 20 year Veteran and Fallen

      Florida Deputy Fatally Shot

      Associated Press Writer

      November 7th, 2007
      POMPANO BEACH, Fla. --

      A convicted robber suspected in the fatal shooting of an elderly
      sheriff's deputy was caught Wednesday, hours after he escaped while
      being transported to court, officials said.

      Michael Mazza, 40, was arrested at a Hollywood pawn shop shortly
      after noon, about four hours after 76-year-old Deputy Paul Rein was
      slain, Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti said. Mazza was found with
      Rein's weapon, Lamberti said.

      Mazza, who is serving two life sentences for armed robbery, had been
      alone in the van with the deputy as he was being taken to court for
      trial in a separate robbery. Authorities were investigating whether
      Mazza, who was wearing handcuffs, had accomplices who ambushed Rein.

      Traffic was backed up for miles around the scene of the shooting as
      investigators and deputies searched for Mazza. All 258 Broward
      County public schools were locked down as a precaution, as were many
      private schools.

      Mazza was on trial in connection with a Feb. 28 bank robbery. After
      robbing a Bank of America in Coral Springs, Mazza led police on a
      short chase before he crashed his car into another vehicle, injuring
      himself and two others, authorities said.

      Mazza's attorney, Maurice Graham, requested a mistrial Wednesday
      morning in court, where he and prosecutors listened to radio updates
      about the search for Mazza.

      Graham did not immediately return a phone message or e-mail sent
      Wednesday by The Associated Press. Mazza's criminal record also
      includes probation for a drug offense and attempted robbery.

      The deputy is the fourth South Florida law enforcement officer and
      the third Broward deputy shot in the last three months.

      Deputy Maury Hernandez was shot in the head Aug. 6 during a traffic
      stop. He was released from the hospital Oct. 25. Sergeant Chris
      Reyka, 51, was fatally shot as he was looking for stolen vehicles
      behind a drug store Aug. 10. His killer is still being sought.

      In September, Miami-Dade County police officer Jose Somohano was
      fatally shot by a gunman who ambushed him and three other officers.
      The suspect was killed by officers hours later in Broward.
      Associated Press Writers Damian Grass, Jennifer Kay, Suzette Laboy
      and Adrian Sainz contributed to this report.

      Officer.com > Officer Down News


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