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  • Ann R. Stravalle-Schmidt
    Check to internet and be sure to suss out their political affiliation. Ann
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2000
      Check to internet and be sure to suss out their political affiliation. Ann

      Ron wrote:

                         WE NEED HELP!!! Does anyone know anything about the organization                  COMMON CAUSE?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Background:    JAIL heard certain good things about the Common Cause    Organization, that it was interested in grassroot causes.    "Get involved at the grassroots" we were told, and "Join    us - Become a member." So we did. We thereafter received    an email from Colleen Hazlett which caused us at JAIL to    ask for more information about Common Cause, and requested    to know if they were on the left or the right.    We received no answer to our question about were they stood.    In response, however, we received a message marked "URGENT"    demanding that JAIL remove from its files the means of    communicating with this organization. We have come to    wonder what they mean by "Get involved at the grassroots"    and "Join Us - Become a member."    Since they have not answered our question, does anyone know    the answer to the question we have posed to them?   Thanks.    Just for the record, JAIL is on the right!  <><     Ron  ron1@...    www.jail4judges.org~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ----- Original Message -----
      From: Colleen Hazlett <CHazlett@...>
      To: 'Ron' <ron1@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 2:47 PM
      Subject: Common Cause Grassroots Department:
      : Please remove this address from your mailing list immediately.
      : Thank you.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dear Colleen:
          We have searched by email CHazlett@..., and by your name,
      and we can find neither. If you have further information that may help us,
      we shall follow through on that. God bless.

      Working together for a free America.

      -Ron Branson-
      -Author of Judicial Accountability Initiative Law-

      P.S. - I have heard great things about COMMONCAUSE. I am interested in
      knowing more.  Are you on the left or the right?  Please let me know.ron1@...
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~URGENTPlease remove this address: grassroots@... from your mailing
      list immediately.  Thank you.

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