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Upcoming Surveillance Assignments: Beginning October 13 to November 21

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  • tprla
    Attention Licensed Private Investigators/Detectives: Our law firm s next nationwide commercial piracy surveillance will be the World Cup Qualifiers commencing
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2007
      Attention Licensed Private Investigators/Detectives:

      Our law firm's next nationwide commercial piracy surveillance will be
      the World Cup Qualifiers commencing this SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13th, when
      international powerhouse ARGENTINA and team CHILE kick off a 16 game
      elimination tournament, featuring the very best South American clubs,
      ECUADOR, VENEZUELA) battling for the right to represent their countries
      in the 2010 World Cup, the Superbowl of Soccer.

      Whether you're a veteran piracy investigator or new to such
      surveillances, please know that international soccer tournaments command
      a devout and exploding television viewership throughout North and South
      America, and deliver significant commercial broadcast piracy in the
      ethnic communities. "Soccer locations" have little to no interest in
      boxing, UFC, NFL football, or any other sports programming, and will be
      unlawfully exhibiting this upcoming PPV tournament so they may witness
      the teams of their homeland fighting to play in the prestigious World

      Allow us the opportunity to show you the type of money that can really
      be made on commercial piracy surveillances. The investigators we work
      with consistently catch more pirates and make more money doing so than
      anyone else. Find out why.

      For instance, we will be assisting our investigative professionals with
      hundreds of potential target locations throughout the four (4) week
      tournament to assist their efforts and further their piracy production.
      In addition, we are also offering two (2) very sizeable performance
      bonuses to participating agencies. We stand committed to your success.
      Talk to your industry collegeaues.

      If you are a licensed investigative professional please contact me in
      confidence for complete details concerning this surveillance assignment,
      compensation, and additional litigation support services we routinely

      Best regards,

      Jackie Cortez

      Law Offices of Thomas P. Riley, P.C.
      First Library Square
      1114 Fremont Avenue
      South Pasadena, CA 91030-3227

      Phone: (800) 590-5511; (626) 799-9797
      Fax: (866) 242-8905; (626) 799-9795


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      "Proudly Serving the Closed-Circuit Industry Since 1994"

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