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  • d-patton@mindspring.com
    That is bad news for the spouse. Off-shore backs have 45% of the world s money stashed in them. The reason? Secrecy. Most of the banks won t tell anyone
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      That is bad news for the spouse.  "Off-shore" backs have 45% of the world's money stashed in them. The reason? Secrecy. Most of the banks won't tell anyone anything about who has how much stored away. I have a client that has millions overseas and sometimes he has trouble getting to his money, those banks like to take a long slow look at each transaction.  It does'nt work like in the movies.  Her husband must however report all money he brings back into the country or the Feds will be after him. Someone may think of a way to research all this and can help the lady, but my business is helping guys like her husband hide their assets out of harm's way.
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      get back with me @ papalee8@... ref millions..................

      Duane Purdue wrote:

      I may need someone to search off-shore, and out-of-country banks.  The
      spouse reports millions hidden in preparation for divorce.  Husband had
      large businesses, and plenty of time to prepare.  Normal stateside
      proceedures inaffective.  Possibly need someone like ex-secrete service,
      etc, who has access to bank information oversees.

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