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RE: [infoguys-list] dummy cameras

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  • Paul Curtis
    I would add to what Bob has mentioned and say that the most effective security system in a high visibility situation is one where the perps can see themselves
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 6, 2007
      I would add to what Bob has mentioned and say that the most effective
      security system in a high visibility situation is one where the perps can
      see themselves on the monitors. If the monitors are on display through a
      window in the front office there is no doubt that they are on view. The
      only doubt is whether they are being recorded or not and they more often
      than not are not willing to take that chance after seeing themselves on TV.

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      nairbtx wrote:
      > I manage a nearly 500 unit self-storage complex in Texas. We have had
      > increased activity lately, break-ins, etc. What do you guys think
      > about installing some dummy cameras. I have read about the liability
      > issues associated with installing these type cameras. Of course, we
      > would NOT advertise as having security cameras as a perk to renting
      > from us, we would just put them up. Do any of you have any experience
      > with these, or any information on this.

      Think about it: Regardless of whether or not you advertise the security
      cameras as a security enhancement for the premises, a reasonable man
      will believe them to be such and your liability remains unchanged.
      OTOH, if he can't see them he can't make that assumption but then, if
      they can't be seen, they have little or no deterrent effect.

      The biggest problem with dummy camera installations that I've seen is
      that the quality of the product is so poor that the only dummy fooled by
      the dummy camera is the dummy that installed it. When you look at what
      is available out there that actually works, you'll find that the price
      difference between a working camera and a dummy that actually looks like
      the real thing is not all that much. Why leave yourself blind AND open
      to liability for a few dollars? Makes no sense.

      Why not do it right and blend a SOLID video surveillance and recording
      system -- something with reasonably good camera coverage, video motion
      sensors in the DVR and a very large hard drive -- with some quality
      dummy cameras that make the place look like a nuclear weapons storage
      facility? Use the domed cameras where practical to keep the mopes
      guessing, to make them think there are more REAL cameras out there than
      there really are, and allow you to concentrate cameras in trouble areas
      or areas of ingress/egress to the problem areas.



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