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Re: Texas LLC break up, need advice/info please.

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  • Ricky Gurley
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    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 5, 2007
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "Ian" <blugrsvt@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone!
      > Firstly my name is Ian and I am new to the group so I would like to
      > extend a hello to all. Ok, I will get to the bottom line of my
      > question/s. My wife and a "friend" started an LLC here in Texas she
      > being 70% owner (though this "friend" has yet to ever give her/us a
      > copy of the paperwork)Due to his recent actions she decided that it
      > would be best to dissolve the LLC and go on with our lives. This
      > "partner" 30% owner is threatening us via harassing emails, and
      > stating that she owe for tools she never voted on buying (he just
      > it himself.) Is this true? He also is insinuating that there is to
      > a 50/50 split of all monies though she is 70% owner should it not
      be a
      > 70/30 split? Also we have requested we see a copy of the LLC and all
      > monies made, out standings,etc. yet he refuses to release this
      > information. Is this legal? He gave her a paper basically signing
      > her share but she/we refuse to do so until we have seen the reports
      > the LLC. Is this only fair and more so legal to ask? We live in
      > Austin, if there are any lawyers willing to see us for advice in
      > matter please let us know. He (partner) is a very powerful, wealthy
      > man...we are not. I myself am a disabled veteran my wife is a
      > waitress. My wife joined with this man on a business idea that my
      > created, and we would like to retain either ownership or be provided
      > with her rightful percentage. This man has taken the time to write
      > an email daily regarding my disability, our inabilities as people,
      > made very damaging allegations to clients regarding my wife and
      > myself. What are we entitled to, and how does she attain a copy of
      > business if he is unwilling to make that available? It has got so
      > volatile that I dare not even see him as he goes no where without a
      > gun, which in an unrelated circumstance is why I am disabled as I
      > still have 1 bullet in me that is irremovable. No minutes were ever
      > taken, and she (my wife) herself only signed one form, yet we have
      > learned that there should have been more than one form for her to
      > sign, if so then he forged her signature, is this true regarding the
      > number of forms to be signed? Any help would be very appreciated as
      > are a blue class family stuck unwittingly in a war we do not want.
      > have been told that this "partner" was "skimming" off all the
      > all along which is why she acted to either buy him out or be bought
      > out fairly, that is the key word fairly. The fact that he refuses to
      > relinquish any of the documentation regarding the LLC arouses
      > suspicion. This man makes 300.00/hr investing out of his home, so
      > would a very small fledgling LLC be of such an issue to him unless
      > did break laws in the formation and was "skimming"?(I know
      > Any help please would be very appreciated.
      > Ian and Gina in Round Rock (just outside of Austin)
      > blugrsvt@...
      > ps: We both fear that with is money, if we get a lawyer he
      will "sack"
      > us in some way as he has proven to be a very devious man. At the
      > time it was my wifes hard work that generated the profits, so we do
      > want to settle this....we both are very intimidated by this man.

      This is a very intricate issue. There are very few people here on
      this list that are really qualified to advise you on this situation
      (I can only think of one person on this list that I would go to for
      help in a situation like this)...

      You need an attorney. I would HIGHLY recommend that you try to reach
      out to Greg Walker; I think he is on this list. He is also in Texas.
      Greg has assisted me in an issue with a company in Texas before. I
      found him to be completely competent, honest, and his sole concern
      seems to be for his client. Greg is also a "fighter" that does not
      allow his client to be "harassed" and/or "taken advantage of" in any
      way. You will have to pay him, but he is worth every dime. You could
      not have a better attorney working for you.

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