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  • Vicki Siedow
    Like many of these cases, it s a tragic accident. We all have to let our kids make mistakes, and try to save them from anything that will permanently damage
    Message 1 of 4 , May 3, 2007
      Like many of these cases, it's a tragic accident. We all have to let our
      kids make mistakes, and try to save them from anything that will permanently
      damage them, but by the time they're in college we don't have a lot we can
      do to protect them. We have to teach them good judgment early on. Even if
      we do our best they will often do things like this, testing the limits.
      Most of us are lucky that our kids get away without a more than a scratch,
      but sometimes the universe chooses a person to serve as an example. It's
      the only thing that keeps the other kids a bit more in line sometimes.

      The kids blew it. All of them. They obviously knew better, they even were
      responsible enough to choose a designated driver. Unfortunately, as often
      happens, good judgment is drowned in alcohol. Once they'd had a few they
      thought they were invincible, like a lot of kids. Oddly enough, many are.
      The worst they should have had is a hang over. This was a case of Russian
      roulette, and they lost. I say "they" because none of them will ever be the
      same. They are all paying, and will to some degree for life.

      Everyone but Mary was drunk. She should have taken the keys at the outset,
      before the drinking began, but by nature of agreeing to be the designated
      driver she may have exhibited a propitiative or submissive character. The
      others seem to have been caught up in the angst of young adulthood. That,
      in itself, should be considered a form of inebriation. When added to the
      alcohol it has often proved lethal.

      OK, enough sleep deprived philosophy; they all messed up, approximately
      equally. This is not a legal opinion, it's my opinion.

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      I need your opinions on this case ASAP. $5 for each opinion goes to Healing
      thanks in advance,

      Jack and his girlfriend Jill decided to drive up to the hills to drink a
      bucket of vodka. They brought their friends Mary Lamb and Peter Wolf. (all
      college students)
      Mary would be the designated driver on the trip home from the hills.

      These college students drove up to the hills in Jill's cargo van with Mary
      and Peter in the back.

      Jack and Jill got into a fight (which they were known to do) after everyone
      but Mary, got a little drunk.
      Jill refused to give the keys to Mary as promised.

      On the way back (it was getting dark and they were in the middle of
      Jill was driving and Jack was fighting. Suddenly Jack (predictably
      unpredictable) grabbed the steering wheel from Jill. The van rolled over,
      neither Peter
      (a little drunk himself) or straight Mary had seatbelts in the cargo area to


      Peter who was anti social and not such a nice guy before the rollover is now

      a parapelgic.

      Who is at fault and why?

      Is Jill the captain of this ship? Did Mary act like sheep/lamb? Is abusive
      Jack the only one at fault here?
      Is Peter at fault for getting in the back with a drunk at the wheel?

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