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RE: [infoguys-list] Bizarre Case-Tech Equip issue

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  • Vicki Siedow
    Actually, I d love to hear this one, too. I did have a stalking case where the suspect seemed to be omniscient, but it turned out that it was the woman s male
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      Actually, I'd love to hear this one, too.

      I did have a stalking case where the suspect seemed to be omniscient, but it
      turned out that it was the woman's male roommate, who was trying to get her
      into bed. That suddenly explained why the perp was able to get into her
      home, computer, mailbox, etc. Sometimes it takes a different
      viewpoint/perspective to see that what you thought you saw was not what was

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      Bizarre Case-Tech Equip issue

      My client, Wife is convinced her pending ex-husband is a
      technical genius/computer guru. We domestic PI's hear this alot but
      she has me close to convinced.

      By the way, Husband has not lived in their home since last August.
      Wife never uses her computer.

      Husband does various things such as remotely retrieves her cell phone
      voicemail messages. (I know this trick but won't go into it.)

      Another example of his creepy ways is 20 minutes after a recent
      surveillance at his residence, the Husband sent a MYSPACE invitation
      (with his profile, picture, etc) to one of the PI's that was on the
      surveillance. We can only speculate how he nailed us on that one.

      But, this next thing has me clueless. Here's the deal:

      Wife has a one-on-one conversation with her mom in her kitchen. That
      is, they are both standing and talking in the kitchen. A short time
      later, Wife plays her voicemail and the kitchen conversation is on
      her cell phone's voicemail.

      I assume Husband was "boasting" his technical savy by letting us know
      OR perhaps he did not intentionally mean for Wife to hear the
      recorded conversation.

      So, any thoughts on method(s) regarding how he did that?!

      (Tennesee is a 1-party state in case you're wondering about that)

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