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Introduction by new member:Provision of private investigative and verification services in Iran

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  • amirshahi@iran-attorney.net
    Dear members, dear moderator Re: Provision of private investigative and verification services in Iran Tehran. March 31, 2007 Please be apprised, hereby, that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2007
      Dear members, dear moderator
      Re: Provision of private investigative and verification services in Iran

      Tehran. March 31, 2007
      Please be apprised, hereby, that our firm provides, as the only law firm in the country comprising in-house jurists, risk analysts, chartered auditors, CPAs, actuaries, off-duty adjustors, valuers, ex-policemen, bank employees, doctors and forensic experts etc., a wide-range of investigative and verification services, corporate or otherwise nationwide and on the entire territory of Iran through a well-seasoned and high caliber staff having a reliable knowledge in investigation and verification areas and having expertise to discover the clever, crook and cunning intentions playing behind the curtains.

      Our services include, but are not limited to, business and integrity due diligence, background investigation (including, but not limited to, verification of claims filed by insured parties under life or other insurance schemes to ascertain that there is no fraud), credibility (and, subject to legal conditions, credit status) reports on firms and individuals (going as far as debt recovery and actual collection of funds involved), search into title, pre-merger/takeover corporate feasibility study reports, property check, child support enforcement, insurance fraud investigation, asset tracking, child custody modification, service of process and other legal documents, corporate Inquiries, fraud investigations, intellectual property infringement/fraud investigations, business intelligence, money laundering, Medicaid fraud investigations, commercial mortgage fraud investigations, contract & procurement fraud investigations, contractors/bidders verifications/investigations, forensic accounting, risk consulting & management, summon/process servers, divorce case investigations, tracing illicit funds/assets search, consulting services..

      Our clients are insurance companies but also a wide variety of other corporate entities such as banks, risk analysis/management institutions, foreign private investigators..

      Our specialized web site is under construction. Pending its uploading, you will be welcome to visit our firm's already operating general sites with the following URLs:
      (In English) www.amirshahilaw.com
      (In French) www.teheranavocats.com
      (In Persian) www.lawiran.org
      (In Arabic) www.iranlegal.org
      (Downtown Office): Suite 19, 3rd Fl., 258 Motahari Ave., Tehran 1588774185, Iran
      E-mail: info@..., amirshahi@..., amirshahi@...
      Tel: (+98 21) 88320174 (downtown office) 22732796
      Fax: (+98 21) 88320173 (downtown office) 22732793
      Telex: 226451 HAAM-IR, hotline mobile phone for short SMS messages: (+98) 912-1077760

      Looking forward to your active response regarding any type of investigative and verification services (including welcoming any referral, establishing reciprocal links and getting listed in your directories, if any) we remain,
      Yours Sincerely
      Hassan Amirshahi PhD
      Barrister, Solicitor and Expert Witness (License No. 10850)
      President and Senior Partner
      Law Offices of Dr. Hassan Amirshahi (Esq.) & Associates
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