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PI Business & Marketing Secrets Revealed - By Jimmie Mesis

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  • Boerger Investigative Services, LLC
    PI Business & Marketing Secrets Revealed Indiana Association of Professional Investigators, Inc. Full day Seminar (8a-4p) Sunday, March 25, 2007 Sponsored by
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      PI Business & Marketing Secrets Revealed

      Indiana Association of Professional Investigators, Inc.

      Full day Seminar (8a-4p)

      Sunday, March 25, 2007

      Sponsored by MerlinData.com

      Jimmie Mesis of PI Magazine has agreed to offer our members his full day,
      8-hour seminar as an optional event in conjunction with our annual seminar.
      Jimmie has been touring the US and the United Kingdom exposing PI Business
      and Marketing Secrets that only he and a select few private investigators
      have used to generate millions of dollars in revenue conducting
      investigations. That's right, millions!

      No one has ever shared or presented such a detailed program. He guarantees
      you will learn scores tips, tricks, and techniques that hundreds of seminar
      attendees have already tried and earned thousands within days of attending
      this seminar.

      Your competitors will never share with you exactly how they run their
      operation, how they attract new clients, or how they get the big retainers,
      but Jimmie will. He will reveal details on each of the following subjects
      and much more:

      * How to convert almost every telephone inquiry into a paying client
      * How to increase your hourly rate without losing clients
      * How to get bigger retainers that clients will gladly pay
      * How to properly bill clients for your services
      * How using the right tools will save you and your client's time and
      * Why it pays to say "good-bye" to certain clients
      * How your agency name can help or hurt your business
      * How to turn your business card into a client magnet
      * How to get potential clients to call you instead of you chasing them
      * How to approach and get work from lawyers

      * How to approach and get work from insurance companies

      * How to approach and get work from all types of companies
      * How networking will earn you steady clients and big bucks
      * How to promote yourself virtually for free
      * How to get lawyers to hire you
      * How to get insurance companies to hire you
      * How to get consumers to hire you
      * How using certain databases can earn you $100-$250 per hour
      * How to create a quick and simple Business Plan
      * How to create a real Marketing Plan
      * How to develop a great direct mail marketing program
      * How to ask and get cases
      * How to create and build your own "reputation"
      * How to get your website to attract clients
      * How to optimize your website for maximum traffic

      * Plus much, much more!

      Here's what some attendees from around the world are raving about Jimmie's
      full day seminar:

      "I can honestly say that your seminar directly led to me making an
      additional $6000 the day after the seminar! From one tip alone!" Clark

      "I have been working on a new business card design for few days and it was
      getting better. I showed it to Jimmie and he made a few tweaks and my card
      went from good to great." Chuck McLaughlin

      "I had for so long wanted to find someone to put me back on track, but
      someone who knew the industry inside and out. There is no doubt Jimmie knows
      what he is talking about and has inspired me with many of his ideas..I can't
      sleep at night!" Shirley Goddard

      "I'm so pleased that I drove hours to hear Jimmie speak. He is inspirational
      in many ways and I have already seen a drastic improvement on my income
      based on some of the simple changes to my web site that he suggested. The
      amount I paid for attending his seminar was earned in the first hour alone!"
      Anna Willson

      "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent
      presentation you gave. I found the whole event most inspirational and
      informative and I am eager to get to work on improving my business in many
      of the ways you suggested." Stuart Varley

      "I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and as you predicted we came away
      with an insurmountable amount of useful information." Lesley-Anne McLelland

      Seminar Money Back Guarantee!

      If at the end of the full day seminar, you don't feel the information
      provided wasn't worth the fee paid, you will receive a complete and instant

      This is an amazing opportunity that you will not want to miss!

      To sign up for this special full day seminar, register now by calling
      800-836-3088 or go to www.pimagazine.com/seminar_reg.htm

      Remember, this seminar comes with a money back guarantee. You have nothing
      to lose and everything to $$$ gain!

      The fee for this 8 hour seminar is only $150.00 if you register before March
      24. The registration fee at the door will be $185.00.

      All attendees will receive certificates at the conclusion of the seminar for
      8 CEUs.

      The "PI Business & Marketing Secrets Revealed" seminar tour is sponsored by
      www.MerlinData.com <http://www.merlindata.com/>

      Don't forget that you can still sign-up for the IAPI Annual Training Seminar
      by Monday, March 19, 2007 with NO LATE FEE. This will be the best seminar
      you will attend this year.

      Please call me with any questions.

      Dean Boerger

      Chief Investigator

      Boerger Investigative Services, LLC

      US Toll-Free (877) 754-8295

      Web: www.boergerpi.com

      Licensed in OH, IN, WV & DC

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