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Real Security In Georgia By: Nadra Enzi.

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  • Nadra Enzi
    What is real security in Georgia? This is an era where every city council, county commission, state legislature and Congressman seems intent upon making more
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2007
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      What is real security in Georgia?

      This is an era where every city council, county commission, state legislature and Congressman seems intent upon making more non-issues crimes that snare the working poor in a web of fines and incarceration?

      Real security begins with government, local and national, not having the dangerous power to stop, search and spy on anyone for any invented reason.

      Real security begins with citizens taking responsibility for their own safety instead of begging elected officials and police departments to save them.

      Real security includes alert citizens, mobilized groups and a security industry challenged to rid itself of a dead weight image and upgrade into a major player in public safety.

      The private sector constitutes society's largest protective presence since there will never be enough law enforcement personnel to secure every inch of the Peach State and none to serve as bodyguards for John and Jane Georgian, who pay their salaries.

      I think about this particularly while watching scores of off duty police use their government uniforms, weaponry, and vehicles to provide private security.

      Have Georgians become so government addicted that they even need government to protect their lives and property off duty as well?

      Public safety is a personal responsibility and until we realize this anew, Georgians will continue falling victim to the latest fine-laden scheme that protects nothing but government's need to extort money from those who can least afford it.

      The same middle to upper income person complaining at a community meeting about what the police aren't doing is the same one who could form a watch group in his neighborhood, hire a security company for added protection or, dare I mention, actually confront whomever he's whining to the police about.

      Whoops, almost forgot, many middle to upper income Georgians have bought into the valet theory of public safety where 911 replaces your duty to defend self and others when witnessing an assault or property crime.

      After dialing 911, even though he may have been able to stop whatever is in progress, the caller waits for his valet ( the police ) to arrive.

      It makes the caller feel like he's done something but often all he's done is reinforce the sense of helplessness everyone from your local department to the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and the state Sheriffs Association encourages to boost budgets and increase their stranglehold over citizens daring to step outside their homes.

      Alert citizens, mobilized groups and an upgraded security industry provide round the clock protection, instead of the occasional patrol car an agency tasked with covering large areas can offer.

      This trio, alert citizens, mobilized groups and an upgrades security industry, are what a post 9/11 state needs because they'll be the first ones on-site if, God forbid, a terrorist attack happens.

      An empowered private sector not only creates more efficient crime prevention but also increases Georgia's anti-terrorism quotient.

      Mull this over while I offer a loong overdue private solution to another pet peeve: traffic enforcement.

      Alternative to detention programs are also a layer of private security that frees jail space now occupied by the huge number of low income traffic arrestees slowly bled dry in each of our 159 counties.

      With murderers and thieves on the loose, why do departments obsess over expired tags, suspended licenses, red light runners ( without accidents ) unless money, not safety, is the prime directive?

      Given the number of speed traps in our fair state, alternatives to detention for traffic offenses seems a reasonable response to jail overcrowding, unless government greed is just too strong in our towns, cities and counties?

      Governor Sonny Purdue is supporting so-called super-speeder legislation that will once again extort huge amounts and impose lengthy sentences for acts which have harmed no one and seems to be yet another grab at revenue collection under the thin guise of public safety, as if we aren't paying various Georgia governments enough already?

      In the absence of real security, we have politicians promising more government invasion of civil liberties to a populace too brainwashed to read between the blurred lines.

      Real security begins with keeping government on a tight leash otherwise the only free people in society end up being government employees and private criminals, with the public held hostage between them.

      Wait a minute, that's what we have now!!!!

      The author is a libertarian and a security consultant specializing in maximizing private solutions to public safety problems.

      Nadra Enzi, Chief Creative Officer, SWS Results! www.swsresults.com PO BOX 11042, Savannah, GA. 31412 and (912) 412-3806.

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